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Webasto Heaters

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Hi everyone,

does anybody have any experience in replacing the standard on / off switch with the green led, with a thermostatic one. What I want to know is does the current wiring loom support the installation of a thermostatic type or do you have to install a new loom too. I have the switch / led type set up and would like to replace with a thermostat. I cant make much sense of the wiring so any tips and help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance


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Not sure so don't take this as correct but I seem to think the stat unit is three wire whereas the on/off is a two wire system. If you have a timer as well then it's four wire. Having said that there are many two wire domestic stat units so it's quite possible there is a two wire webasto stat unit available

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Very useful and thanks all for the replies. JA has given my devious mind a cunning plan to have a look again at the wiring and perhaps fit a domestic stat in circuit if it is a two wire set up. In the meantime i will give our man a shout and see what he has to say.

Thanks again


Ps, will be sure to mention the NBN.

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I recommend checking with Tom first before going any further.

I am well prepared to be wrong but I don't think an older unit will like this very much. You are effectively shutting it off, and then asking it to re-start again, every few minutes, and it may not accept this. At least, you will be using a lot of battery, by re-starting it every time. I don't think the modern ones actually shut off, but not sure. Best ask first!

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1 hour ago, Vaughan said:

I don't think the modern ones actually shut off, but not sure. Best ask first!

Think you are right,Vaughan. Any of the modern boats we have hired, the fan speed only reduces when you adjust the stat. Can't think of it ever going off.


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In agreement with whats been said I have a webasto 5kw with a dial control, if its run on anything other than FULL it gets a bit unhappy.  I was advised to only ever run it on full as its better for the burner. 

Ours runs with the internal temp sensor.  We did originally have an external one and it stopped functioning but in any case if its left on long enough it seems to slow down and regulate itself.  I dont think thats anything to do with the control as thats always turned up to full but more as a result of the internal temp sensor deciding its getting warm enough! 

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