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Inflation. (or "when Jesus Was A Lad")


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Fear not. I'm not about to offer comment, informed or otherwise regarding the RPI, the CPI or any other set of figures that skillful government advisers manipulate to suggest that the incumbent troupe of cercopithecidae are doing better than our own common sense might otherwise suggest.

Rather I'm thinking about packing for our broads excursions. Back in the day, when Noah was still wondering what to do with his great pile of wood, packing meant one bag. It would contain the following:

A change of clothes, obviously.

A folding raincoat and a pullover, for the bad weather

A pair of shorts and sunglasses, for the good weather

A smart shirt, for nights in the pub. We used to smarten up in those days.

A wash bag and towel

Camera, binoculars and a good book

A spare roll of film (anyone under 30 may need to google "35mm")

A small transistor radio, for the Radio One roadshow in the morning and the test match in the afternoon.

A bar of chocolate, usually Terry's plain but Bournville if I couldn't find it.

And of course your wallet with a few quid and a credit card for emergencies.

All very carefully fitted into one holdall. Everything we needed for a week. So when, may I ask did things begin to change to the state we find ourselves in today. A 4x4 filled to the gunnels with bags full of this, bags full of that and bags full of just about everything in between plus a trip to the cash machine wondering if the daily limit of the debit card is great enough to withdraw sufficient cash to last a week? Is this due to a change in thinking or is it just about getting older? I'll swear I noticed Elaine eyeing up the dishwasher this morning wondering if it too would fit in the boot of the truck.

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Paul there is nothing wrong with filling the truck up. The problem is the clothes!!

most of the space should be taken up by wine and beer. Maybe a couple of soft drinks if you have kids. 

As for the dishwasher. Get paper plates and your sorted :dance

i know what you mean though. Most of our stuff is already on our boat, but it's normally a couple of trips between car and boat to load it up!!

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