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On the sosh.   Same as slantindickerler.

Anasafac. The irrefutable truth.

Brasdorf. disinterest, as in "Oim brasdorf withis - lesgo oom".

Dint chew. As in "Yew got slosh agin, dint chew?"

Dorg's dinna. As in "lookut Billa, ees dunnup juslyka dorg's dinna". See also - "dunnup roit praarper".

Etoled metu. An excuse used by children. A mother might  say "Thassa stoo pudding ter do, whydja durt?" Answer "Cos etoled metu"  "Thassno scuse. Fesay puyered inerfire, woodyube darft ennuf ter durt annen say - etoled metu?

Fatch Ance. As in "Fatch ance oi got fata morrerorf".

Gitlorsjew. Frequent reply of a young girl (or mawther) to the advances of a young boy.

Umgornoom. I am going home.

Yis dis. As in "Theesa yis dis caerks".

They don' know wassa cummin turm. - Local opinion of the Broads Authority.

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