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Remember Remember, The 5th Of November.


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Hi all,

We`ll be on Lightning for our Autumn week from 5th November, and have thought about doing a public firework display. I doubt very much that Brooms wood appreciate, or permit letting off fireworks from their yard, so a public display it will have to be. The question is, where are they?. Does anybody know of any public displays reasonably nearby Brundal, or even in Brundall, as we`ll be staying moored at the yard for a couple of days, and driving in to Norwich on one of them, so we thought we`d take the opportunity to go to a display. Any ideas or thoughts would be very welcome.

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11 hours ago, LeoMagill said:

The ferryhouse at surlingham usually have a fireworks do, they normally have a kids display around 6.30pm and an adults display nearer 9.00pm, I'm hoping to be there as long as the boat is back in the water.

That might be a good idea, take Lightning from Brooms to the pub. 5 mins around the river.. Seriously though, i will probably drive round, as the following day, we want to be in the yard to do some interior maintainance. I`l have a look on their website to see if it`s on.

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On ‎10‎/‎16‎/‎2016 at 7:29 PM, SPEEDTRIPLE said:

We`ll be on Lightning for our Autumn week from 5th November, and have thought about doing a public firework display.

I say! That's jolly generous of you! Just tell me where you are doing it and I'll come along and cheer. :D 

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It`s getting ever closer, and we`re now thinking about what to take. However, when we`re up there, it would be nice to know whether the pubs are open as usual, or whether the riverside ones maintain "seasonal" hours.  We should be having guests aboard for the on Sunday, but will be staying at the yard on Saturday night, so they`ll be meeting us at Brooms. We will be taking them out for a cruise up or down river to one of the pubs for Sunday lunch. DEPENDING on tides, it may be the New INN at Rockland, or the Waters edge at Bramerton, or maybe even closer to base being the Surlingham Ferry House. Are these pubs "open as usual", or do they operate seasonal hours as mentioned earlier?.

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1 hour ago, ranworthbreeze said:

Hi Neil,

Being as you are talking about Sunday be it lunch or in the evening I would book a table for you and your guests to be on the safe side.



Hi Alan,

If they`re like that in November, they must be busy?.  The trouble is Alan, we won`t know until the day, so i`m not sure if that`s wise?. We could book one anyway, then if my cousins  CAN`T make it, then Karen and i could go on our own?.  Doing other people out of a a seat that way though.

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