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That Bridge Again!


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maybe so peter, but I bet Griff wouldn't be lol

Well you would lose your wager then!  I have take a bathtub through PHB before now and no way would I even think of doing astern, not unless the river was dry and said bathtub was on wheels - then I might..  To do the astern thing you really do need to know fully the 'Feel' of your boat, there is only 1 x boat that I am 100% with the 'Feel' of and that is of course 'B.A'  -  Would I ever attempt PHB astern in 'B.A' - Never, but then again one should never say 'Never'  :naughty: should one?

'B.A' will be going through PHB this next year as I'm hoping to take 4 x mates fishing for a weekend in the summer, that is four days above that damn bridge


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I have a feeling iit was the Sunday we were there ,I was interested as we have a Bounty and the boat had got through on the Saturday and the chap on the boat  said he had to have the boat back on Monday ! It was showing just over 6ft 6" with a bit of time to go before low water. Later saw thie boat go through with its extra " ballast "  Well.  done to the Pilot as a ready made audience must have added to the taskLWe have been through but never that tight :dance

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Wow, he can take my boat through any time he likes :naughty: Many years ago on Boats with my Dad, the lovely Graham Cook would summon a few people to sit on the boat for extra weight to get us through, all added to the fun of it all

What a skilful lot they are, well done Pilots :clap


p.s I do feel they would look much better in uniform though :naughty:

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