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Well can you just imagine it if they are, I think the owners of those houses would have something to say.     "Get orff of my Land".    be quite amusing to watch, not so for the poor house owner.

My first thoughts were , they have friends who have rented and popped in for coffee.


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The properties in question are The Peninsular Properties. They used to be owned by Moores as holiday rentals. They were then sold off to a company who still owns some of them, and others have been sold off to individual investors either as second homes or holiday rental investments. The old Moore's basin is where you had a mooring if purchasing one of the properties. To the best of my knowledge there isn't and has never been any river front moorings along that stretch of what amounts to communal gardens for all the properties to enjoy. Just in front of those boats is a recess where the old Moore's ferry used to dock that used to take holiday makers back and forth across the river, in between seeing the Moore's day boats off from the quay heading along from The Wroxham Hotel.

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They were there for around 20mins or so then both pulled over

to the hotel when the boat moored there moved off.

They both went through the bridge a little later.

The BA launch went slowly passed them but I doubt he

had any reason to tell them to move as it's private property

and they don't seem to be a navigation hazard.

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Although not pertinent to the above photograph, I have heard that part of the frontage to the Peninsular cottages will in the near future become moorings. The area involved is already staked and I would guess it will be for awaiting the bridge pilot.


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This thread is so pertinent in many ways to the Jenners Island thread. I looked a long time ago at purchasing a property at Peninsula when they first came onto the market after Moores sold them. I compiled a long list of questions which the estate agent wasn't able to answer to my satisfaction and hence I didn't purchase. (Roger shouldn't have either) The saga of The Shed and it's noise nuisance has come and gone. I must admit the future leasing or sale of the communal areas was one that hadn't crossed my mind. I do remember one of my questions was about who was responsible for the upkeep and replacement of the quay heading and what was the percentage share amongst the various lease holders. The thought of having to pay a share towards the upkeep for a section of quayheading that will be so frequently used as a temporary mooring sends shivers down my back.

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11 hours ago, trambo said:

The area involved is already staked and I would guess it will be for awaiting the bridge pilot.

I believe that a couple of years ago, planning was applied for

to enlarge the area for the provision of more Private boats that

belong to the cottage owners, who moor around the back at

the moment, so allowing more moorings for non-associated

private owner craft.

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to search for the planning

application at the moment.

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We nearly went for one of these 10 years ago but felt not quite right with the lease which was then with yellow properties.

this latest crowd sound even worse, although they seem to change hands ok but I guess that's down to location, location if nothing else.



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3 hours ago, kfurbank said:

The following makes very sad reading and shows why you must ALWAYS do you own due diligence before any major purchase, and go with your gut instinct.

Objection Letter

Hi Keith,

You were well out of it.

The Objection letter has opened a big can of worms, surely the Broads Authority must reject this application if they have any sense. 



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Once planning permission has been given, if you don't start the

work before the time frame expires, you can re-apply, providing

it hasn't lapsed, and it will be renewed automatically. Barnes have 

done that with the planning of knocking down part of their dryshed

(seen on the camera) to build 3 holiday cottages. Work is due to

start next week, I believe, on that and they are cutting up the old

mold on the grass at the moment, so we will have a right mess to

contend with for the next year or so! O happy days........:cry:

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