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Bonfire Night


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Our 4 legged idiot has been seen at a number of the ferryhouse firework displays, usually under the tables hunting out bits of dropped burger completely oblivious to all the whoosh's and bangs going on, and I know he's not deaf as he can hear a packet of pork scratchings rustle a mile away, he just doesn't seem to care.

I do pity the animals that spend the best part of 2 weeks in fear though.

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2 hours ago, NorfolkNog said:

Shame this is Southern Broads Steve, but may be of interest for any folks who may be down that way cheersbar


Hi Howard, 

we were intending to go to this one, untill i saw it`s on FRIDAY 4th, and we`re arriving SATURDAY 5th.

As the old saying goes ............................. BUGGER


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31 minutes ago, SteveO said:

I am beginning to wish I hadn't asked.




Don't worry about it Steve, it was a perfectly reasonable question. I follow Twitter (for my sins) so will keep an eye open in case anything crops up.

Anyway take heart, if you had raised this over the fence World War 3 would have erupted by now :naughty:

This Forum is friendly but very prone to go off topic rather quickly :naughty:cheersbar

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1 hour ago, BroadAmbition said:

Harvey Arms - Finningley.  Lit at 1800, fireworks, outdoor BBQ, followed by Karaoke.  Yes I'm taking Macie dog - she quite enjoys watching the bright lights, the bangs / noises don't faze her at all - well we are well into the game season now


Whereabouts on the Broads (or near them) is Finningley Griff?.


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Not really having a go at displays, more at the miscellaneous letting them off in the weeks preceding and following the 5th. If you are aware of local displays you can at least keep a nervous pooch in, shut the curtains and put on a Lassie film at full volume. Or buy a thunder coat, they are supposed to be very effective with a lot of dogs.

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