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Fancy Meeting You Here


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Last weekend me and MrsG had a four day weekend break.  I was under orders that we were going away NOT on the boat this time and I was to enjoy myself or else

MrsG sorted out the accommodation in a suitably nice hotel which we arrived at Thursday evening.  Drinks, dinner in t hotel then to bed.

Friday - off to visit Bakewell and Matlock. Followed by the Cromford Canal and the oldest engine railway shed in the world.  Whilst in Bakewell in one of the many shops (We probably did all of them at least twice) a chap came in and  I recognised him immediately, however where from and his name escaped me, he left the shop saying to the assistant he would be back in five minutes, so would I, I noted to mysen as it was going to proper vex me until I had got his name and place him.  I met him in the shop again   -  it was only the owner of Judith M  !!!!  Meeting friends on the rivers is of course common but in Bakewell?  I haven't been to Bakewell for a couple of years now, the last time was a day trip out on the Tiger.  So we said our hello's etc as one does - small world.

Saturday all day was spent at Chatsworth House - a first for both of us.

Sunday forenoon was the Peaks railway system.  Saturday afternoon - Cromford Mills then visit Matlock Baths (Full of bikers)

Monday forenoon - Heights of Abraham, Monday afternoon- Castleton and the Peaks Cavern

Monday night - Home, both of us promising ourselves we need to do this again, visit the peak district and see some more of what it has to offer - it has a lot to offer, there seem to be more 'Brown' visitor roadsigns than normal ones

The reason for our four day break was that it was our 30th Wedding anniversary.  That's me and MrsG 32 years together and yesterday was our 30th wedding anniversary. Pearl so I'm informed. So do I ask her if she wants pearl earnings, bracelet, ring or necklace then? T'other day there Laureen asked me a proper daft question (Historically she is very good at this) 'Do you love me? Word of advice guys, apparently the reply 'Well I "Sleep" with you don't I'? is the WRONG answer ! LOL Needless to say I do of course, I tell her most if not everyday too (Which is why it was a daft question in the first place). So Laureen Griffin - 'I Love You' xxx  There I said it again


BA NBN 277.jpg

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Congratulations on your anniversary,

SWMBO will have been together ....oh 32 years next year I feel old... again...

 Meeting people in strange places is a bit of suprise,

I've met a Wiltshire school friend 20 years later in a bank in Weston Super-Mare,

A RAF friend about 15 years later walking down a street in London, he later worked for the same company as me, but on a different site as well.

I met a teacher who had taught someone I've sailed with, on a plane from Bahrain.

 But the one that tops it, A teacher friend (from Norfolk) was on her Honeymoon in Australia, half way up Uluru (Ayres Rock), and heard the dreaded words.   Miss, MISS!!!

 yep one of her pupils.

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I missed an odd fancy meeting you here,  I have raced against, and lost to Chris Jeckells in his Wayfarer, Gandalf, at Horning SC. I then met Gandalf in Saudi Arabia at the British Areospace sailing club, Dhahran. She still had her broads tax disk on.

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For me one of my funniest 'fancy meeting you here' moments was down in London, a friend & i were sat outside the Design Centre, me holding her baby, for a matter of minutes. We were both at Lincoln College of Art, she was the life model, me a student. We got back to Lincoln to find my rather anxious father sat in his car outside my digs. Someone, I never did find out who, had phoned him up saying they had seen us with a baby and he'd immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion. We were house mates, along with six others, but not bed mates!

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Some of you lot wanna be careful referring to a 'pearl necklace' in the manner you are doing, I know exactly what you are up to and besides  - some military types in here know exactly what you are getting up to !  :norty:

Once a Matelot, always a Matelot, you can take away a Matelot from the sea but can't take the sea away from a Matelot or so the saying goes.

Yes 'That' statement by the ITV girly, was a bit cringeworthy first time I saw/heard it, still, been called a lot worse.  Oh and MrsG is going to be carrying out a rare evolution and reading this thread later on.

Re unexpected meetings, on two occasions I knew beforehand I was going to see the Queen in person from a short distance.  What I did not know was that the first time she came and talked to me direct, in front of a packed house at Earls Court with the news cameras in attendance.  The year was 77, I was 17 years young and surprised was an understatement.  I was part of the RN Queens Guard for the Royal Tournament  The second time was much better, 92/3 member of HMS Quorn ships company, I found myself at Hollyrood Castle as a guest for the Queens Royal Garden party, along with my MrsG (How I came to be there as a mere rating is another story).  Her Maj came right up to me for a chat and I got to introduce MrsG to the Queen, in person right in front shiploads of top brass that were green with envy.  How cool was that? I was rate chuffed.  Then there was tea n biscuits with Prince Charles but that too is another story


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