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Another Reported Phone Scam.


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Hello All,

 This is a different kind of phone scam to the recently reported one. This has happened, and this is how it works. Someone using your name, address and phone number, sets up a BT account requesting a new phone to be sent to them. lt's a top of the range £600 version. lt arrives, and about two hours later, someone saying they're from BT calls saying they're  sending a courier to collect it as a mistake has been made. They arrive [obviously not from BT], and take the phone. You are then left with no phone but as far as BT are concerned, it's been a genuine request, they have supplied the phone and you are on a monthly contract for £55. You are then left trying to explain to BT what has happened to their expensive phone. lf this happens to you, refuse to hand it over to the courier, contact BT and report it to the police. BT will make arrangements to have the phone returned to them.

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Sounds clever but i dont think I would fall for it. 

Im not convinced it would be that simple to set up a contract in someone elses name, for starters you would need a lot more info than just a name address and phone number to fool BT or any other phone company into accepting an order. 

I treat everything that comes to me as a scam to protect myself but it is tragic how many people do get fooled when an ounce of common sense would probably save them!

Question everything folks! Dont even trust yourself!! 

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Hello All,

 Unfortunately, all types of scams are still occurring all the time, and people are still getting caught. We like to think that we are still savvy enough to spot one if it were to happen to us. But in this instance, for a lot of people [us included] new technology goes right over our heads. l wouldn't have a clue, or even be interested, as to how to set up a contract etc, and for those older than us it can be more confusing. A £5 a month pay-as-you-go phone is good enough for me!

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