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Man Lost His Yacht


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Hi all just heard that the guy who lost his yacht on the beach has not only lost his boat but had lost his home too , & because it had a concrete hull he could'nt get insurance for it ,  but why should that make any difference to the insurance ?  Lori 

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41 minutes ago, JennyMorgan said:

For more info see:


In that report it mentions that the boat is to be removed and I suspect that that will be a costly job, perhaps an insurance company is involved.

Thanks jenny , just had a look at the video in that link , i did'nt realise it was so big , when i saw it in the news bits on fbook it looked quite small ,  & i also did'nt realise that the guy had fallen overboard, that must've bern aweful for him .  Lori 

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Another link here:


In it you'll see how the hull is holed by the groyne. I suspect that she is full of water which means that her deadweight must far exceed her stated hull weight. All that weight pressing down on the groyne has lead to the inevitable, her hull has split. 

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CQR = Coastal Quick Release. the inventor wanted to call it "secure" but was not allowed to, he then tried "Chatham" which was also rejected.

It was infact the invention of a maths man in the early thirties.

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What I would like to ask the man is whether he had charts or not? By his own admission he did not know that he was very near to a lifeboat station, or seemingly the shore for that matter. He had the shipping lanes outside Felixstow to contend with as well as the approaches to the Thames Estuary. Did he actually know how to use the anchor? Something of a Captain Calamity if you ask me.

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14 minutes ago, ranworthbreeze said:

Hi Peter,

As you say it is truly a shame that the boat could not be saved.

I seem to think I saw a picture of the port side with a crack  in the hull towards the bows?



Yet she grounded starboard side against the groynes. Can't say that I noticed so can't help.

I still wonder, did the bloke just follow the coast thinking that it would be a simple trip to Canvey? If so then how naive can a bloke be? Why else was he so close to the shore in calm sea conditions? Don't suppose that we shall ever know!

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