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Healthy Diet For Duck's Sakes..


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 The one thing it does do is cause 'Angel Wing'. (Bread that is)

You may have seen some ducks/geese with a hanging wing

on one side? This is Angel Wing and prevents the bird from

being able to fly and therefore not able to evade predators

along with the discomfort it must bring.

Sorry but don't have the time to look for the link just now.

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4 hours ago, DAVIDH said:

"while birds that become accustomed to hand-outs will lose their natural fear of humans and may become aggressive."


Go on - make my day!

That little thing, maybe not.

But how about being on the receiving end of one of his big white cousins



Photo grabbed from the Interweb cos, when the evil wotsits are sticking their heads into the small boats I tend to inhabit, I'm too busy taking avoiding action to ask the illegitimate thugs to 'smile for the camera' :39_angry:

Please do not feed the wildlife! They are quite capable of fending for themselves!!


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I enjoy feeding the wildlife, part of the reason we bought our little shack, but have heard recently that bread is bad for ducks. Not wishing to cause any possible harm, I bought some 'duck & swan food' from Lathams (where else). It wasn't as cheap as most things in there and my other half was complaining that he never gets any treats, so I'm wondering if I should sprinkle a bit on his supper?

Also,while on the subject of feeding things, I was advised not to feed the wildlife, as it encourages rats! I'm still going to feed the ducks and swans, but will make sure I throw the food well out into the river and not drop any in the garden (I use the word loosely).cheers

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