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The Apprentice


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The Apprentice Thursday 17/11/16 at 9.00 pm.Give it a look they will be at the Poole boat show.Will be interesting to see what mistakes they make,lots I would  guess.

Some years ago there task was one team to make and sale 300 portions of pasta.The other  300 pizza's. They were using my old kitchen. Luckily  I had left by the time they were making pizza. The very clever (donuts).Worked out they would  need 300 pound (in weight).The chef pointing out that was one pound  per pizza perhaps to much.When they went to the board room Sugar  ripped them to bits

The working thing is they could be in charge of a business. God help us.

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He could save himself a lot of time and cash by doing the interrogation round first. It wouldn't make a good TV series though. This lot were the worst ever. No doubt selected by the production company on the basis that these idiots blundering around would make good watching.



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I agree with you on that Steve. If once they got to the final five there were people who lost out because Lord Sugar didn't think that he would want to invest in their particular business plans, then really it had all been a complete waste of their time. 

I think that they need a new sponsor or boss or whatever name you want to give to Alan Sugar's role. Then they might come up with some different tasks and liven the format up a bit. However that's not likely to happen and I'm not sure that I will watch it next year.

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Not sure that I would want Sugar as a mentor, but his £250K would certainly help someone scaling up a business. The  show does make for compelling viewing, if only for the awfulness of some of the candidates, and we will, no doubt, watch it next year.


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