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A Future Mac owner needs Advice

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Ive asked for a Mac Book for CHristmas. cheers (add christmas tree and santa here

Everything i own is PCs, and was wondering if a Mac Book would get on with a PC network and Small Business Exchange server ?

I really want to try the Mac experience and will start off with a little Lap top Mac, just to test the water ;) so to speak.

Do macs have Outlook ?

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Congratulations for going for a Mac! Once you've been using it for a couple of weeks I'm sure you'll probably never want to go back to a PC.

Mac's now come with Exchange support out of the box - http://www.apple.com/macosx/exchange/.

Mac's don't use outlook, instead you have 3 separate programs, but which all tightly integrate with each other.

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Many thanks for all your advice :)cheersbar

Its one of the things i need to Try and tick it off my list :lol:

Ive wanted a Mac for about 15 years, but have allways bottled it, with the better specs of a PC, but things change and Apple have really caught up with speed now :)

Its time, starting with a cheap one i can use araound the house.

Do all of them now come with Lepard X or is that a upgrade ? is Lepard the best ?

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One Click in the Apple Store made it painless :lol:

Macbook Pro little 13 Incher base model ordered with iwork, mobile me.

Also pooped intot he basked a years sub of mobile me and the Time Capsule to back up the photos i have currenty on the server.

Cant wait till Christmas Day :)

Oh heck, did i mention Christmas .... Sorry Folks :oops:

The Christams Build up and Smilies start on December 1st.

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The current version of OS X is called Snow Leopard. Why they can't refer to it as 10.6 (which it is) is beyond me! All new Macs will come with that. I believe the 10.6.x updates are free but going up to 10.7 would cost you when it arrives.

And people say Microsoft milk it! :ugeek:

i upgraded to snow leopard via the apple shop

bought the proper version direct from them for the massive amount of







come on how much does windows cost you can add another 0 on the end

mac software is so cheap compared to windows

i started off with a little mac and then upgraded to a macbook and will never ever buy another windows

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