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The Mrs On Film


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...steady on now...on a daily basis I ferry Ellie too and from work listening with only half an ear to her chatter.
"Blah blah, makeup, blah perfume, blah blah more perfume"
I say 'half an ear', to be exact I actually stopped wearing my hearing aid a few months after we met. With the hearing aid in my ear, Ellie talks perfume and handbags. With my hearing aid in the desk drawer she talks about boats, fishing, woodwork.

Last week the store was open later, so I pulled the QQ in front of the store and stepped outside for a smoke while I waited for closing. A steady stream of girls left the store, each waving or saying hello to me as they left prompted one bloke looking in the store window to ask me 'Are you rich mate?'.

Driving home Ellie caught my attention when she said they 'had made a film today'. It turns out they had entered the mannequin challenge with their fellow stores as a moral boost during the hectic Christmas sales period. To be honest I was impressed by the quality of the film they had made and the little subliminal tricks they had slotted into something that took them about five minutes to plan and shoot. The scene with the girl at the end particularly...the girl is just about to go on maternity leave...water bottle broken on floor, first aid kit. Ellie chuckled when she explained when they played the film back they noticed the muzak in the background had by chance started playing 'welcome to the new born king'.


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This has made me a bit annoyed because since the 'Mannequin Challenge' first popped up on Facebook people are copying and doing all sorts of videos, so why annoyed?

Because nobody seems to have made reference to the this iconic video from 2010 which to this day amazes me in its production.  I know this is actually two separate videos that a chap edited together and then put the music track over, but they work just so well and even if you don't like the music you will be scratching your head as to how the 'freeze frame' action was shot.

There is a a video out there about the original which went into how it was shot, I can't remember it though now but anyway - enjoy a true Mannequin experience..



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