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Alphacraft Boatyard For Sale


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10 hours ago, SwanR said:

Strange to see it like that in the photos with papers still hanging around in the office. Looks like someone left without tidying up behind themselves. Very odd.

It looks to me that the photographer arranged some papers to make it appear more business like.

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The boats are up for sale then they are not. Then it's all by tender sealed bid, then it's not. Then the boats are off to a brokers, then not. Then the yard is up for sale with the boats or maybe not, they can supposedly be bought separately. You could be forgiven for wondering whether anything is actually available to buy!

Funny way to do business....


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We have been pass Alpha Craft through out 2016 from our mooring's up to the river and looking at Alpha boats, I for one feel very sorry for the guys and staff of Alpha Craft :(. The condition of the boat just got worse over the season and they would need a lot of repair work :hardhat: on them and that is just on the outside, god knows what the inside of the boat are like, as we could see external doors / windows open :228_baby_chick::228_baby_chick:

Fingers cross someone does buy and opens it back up :bow.


Marina :Stinky

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As far as I understand these listings were listed about 18 months ago, before the auction etc. I believe Langford snr is reluctant to sell the land so he's probably asking top dollar and see what happens. I've no ideas what the boats are like but they was in need of lots of work last year so I dread to think what they are like now. Still a very sad end.. Personally I'd like to see the boats sold off and the land returned to a working yard/moorings etc

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35 minutes ago, Broads01 said:

Thanks Howard.  I would imagine the boats would be lovely to own once the necessary work had been done to bring them up to standard. 

I think this came up on the thread about the boats being for sale, but my experience of Alphacraft built boats is that they vary considerably in build quality, sometimes in fairly important areas.As with any boat, worth getting a good surveyor to look at one before you part with your cash (not me any more, I've got out of that business).

With any boat that needs work, try to get a realistic idea of what a refurb will cost, add it to the purchase price, and see if you still have a bargain. Most of the time it's easier and cheaper to buy a boat that's already in reasonably good order, and needs only a couple of things done at most to customise it to your requirements.

£750k sounds like a reasonable price for the yard, compared to others that have been on the market recently. Another £750k for those boats is highly optimistic in my humble opinion. Unless I happen to find a very rich investor, I'm not going to be in the market for it (although if such an investor asked, I'd potentially be interested in running it for them).

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