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Oil Filters


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Hi Dave,

Thanks. I realise that ASAP offer the oil filter cartridge for the T154 but they don't actually show a manufacturers part number for it. I was hoping to find an equivalent from one of the mainstream manufacturers like the ones I mentioned above. I guess if I were to order a filter from ASAP that might have the information on its packaging but I haven't yet decided to do so.

I was also wondering if it would be possible to obtain a kit to convert to a spin-on filter but internet searches haven't turned up anything suitable for this particular engine.

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I'm sure the oil filters on my 2.52 bmc's were part of one of the front engine mounts and piped to the block, in which case the take offs are already in the block just get appropriate length pipes and a filter adapter of your choice and mount where it's easy/clean to get at and change, they are most likely regular bsp threads.

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Vaughan, thanks for the suggestion. I'll give them a call.

Dave, I think you're confusing the filter with the cooler. The filter is bolted direct to the crankcase via what is described as a 'transfer fitting' that incorporates unions for the flexible pipes to the cooler. The cooler is secured with jubilee clips onto a bracket bolted to the crankcase.

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Not the same setup as mine were then Mike, my filter canisters were definately on the front engine mount via pipes, I think the name cast into the mounts was ct marine.

One of my old engines was bought by a landrover man who didn't want the marinising bits but I sold them later on ebay otherwise you could have had them, goes to show a take off plate is available for remote filter though.

If the filter transfer fitting is a flat plate where it joins the crankcase it would be easy to make a take off plate, I also work with a guy who does a bit of aluminium casting if the boat is laid up for winter, I'm sure I have some oil hose and bsp fittings languishing in my shed too (1/2" bsp I think they were) as did homemade sandwich plate for my peugeots, as I type this I've just spotted the oil filter end in the bottom of my toolbox if you want it, it takes standard pug xud9 filter (m20 x 1.5), I ended up fitting a pair of oil coolers from hdi110 motors as they were going free, I bet I have the oil coolers kicking around somewhere too.

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