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Viva Boats


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I have some some photos of the Viva Michelle boat in 1983, and I am interested in their history. They were also called Netished Boatyard, and they were based at Wayford by the bridge. The Viva Michelle was based on the hull of a Seamaster 27, with a wooden top by Carr and West, and/or Coral craft. According the the boat database there was 4 built, and they all went between 1985 and 1987, that was when they presumably closed. Does anyone know any more about them?

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Well I can tell you that they are still there today but haven't run a hire fleet for a few years now. I put my boat (St Christopher) there in 1994/5 having moved it from the Grand Union canal. At that time the hire fleet was still running and continued to do so for some years. My best guess is that the hire fleet ended in about 2003 or 4.

My boat was taken out of the water ready for me to sell in 2002 as I emigrated away from the UK, never to return. I came back 9 months later ! but my mooring had been re-let. I used St Christopher as a land based boat for a further 10 years before finally getting it back in the water in 2011 when I obtained my current mooring.

The Neatishead boatyard's hire fleet comprised Ocean 30s throughout that period

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I've recently acquired a Blakes brochure from 1983 and the Viva Marcella class (including Viva Michelle)  is listed as Viva Boats,  Neatishead.  The Neatishead Boatyard at Wayford Bridge was a separate concern,  at least at that time,  offering the Alanta class (Ocean 30). 

I'm intrigued if anyone could tell me whereabouts at Neatishead Viva were located?  Were they squeezed in where the turning area is beyond the moorings? 


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Thank you springsong.  I'll look at that turning area on a new light now. 

Much has been written about the huge reduction in hire operators over the years and I'm always fascinated to learn about locations where now you would never know a boatyard once existed. 

Something in the back of my mind says Viva Boats were briefly at Great Yarmouth (long before Line Azzurro). I'm not 100% sure. 

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I remember the boat "Viva Marcella" so well, as we had our summer holiday 1981 on it. It was such
a nice experience for 14 lovely days. We started at Great Yarmouth Yacht Station and drove upon the Norfolk Broads.
Our "teachers" at beginning were Paul and Pauline Buckland, who showed mooring and driving to us.

All went so well, and I miss that teenager time with our family.
Yea, and the brochure on Blakes H.C. Arns, we booked that ship.

What happened to Viva Marcella? Is it still "alive"? Does somebody know?
Greetings from Germany. Sven. 

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