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Choke Cables

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Help! I have to change my choke cable on the boat! the one on there has a solid piano wire core, but I've always had trouble with it jamming, could I use one with the twisted inner? I think it's called Bowden cable, my problem is the length, I need it to be around 12 long and have found a 13ft one with the twisted core, I think the fact the one on the boat is solid core, and because it comes from the dash and down the back, then through the bulkhead into the engine bay and loops around to the choke itself is whats causing it to jam,


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Either sort of core should work.  Solid cores are better for "pushing" (in this case closing) the choke.  If you find that the choke is reluctant to close with a stranded core then a return spring on the choke lever on the carburetor might be needed.

When routing the cable try to avoid any sharp bends.  The extra foot of length might actually make the routing worse.

You could try disconnecting your existing cable inner from the engine.  make it as straight as possible and then pull the entire inner out by the choke knob.  See if there is any evidence of rust or wear on the inner, and the position of that will show you where the routing problems are!  If you are VERY lucky then just cleaning the core and lubricating with light oil might cure the problem, but if there are any kinks or bending of the exposed (engine) end then it may be impossible to put it back.

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Thanks Jonathan! I had the old cable out and it had a few bends in, straightened it and it worked fine for a while, my problem is I've built a new dash, and the choke will be fitted there and I need an extra foot of cable or the bends will be too tight, I've found a few solid ones but they are stop cables with stop printed on them, I might be able to sand and polish is out though,

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