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Horsey Seals


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Hi All,

This time of the year there is a natural spectacle on the norfolk beaches! It's seal pub time! It's the first time we've seen this and it really was amazing. I must admit I have kinda mixed views about this as I really think they should be left alone and us humans should really leave them alone, although here at Horsey it's very carefully managed; the beach is shut and there are seal wardens keeping a close watch.. so it was nice to see.. The seal pubs just look so cute! And the colony there seems to be doing well considering there was over 1200 pubs born over the last week!

Take a look at Friends of Horsey seals for more details too.. http://friendsofhorseyseals.co.uk/ 

15541960_10210683475993702_2657286148492977081_n (1).jpg





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I'll be up next weekend to start collecting for a nice coat!!!!! Only Joking!!!!!:bow

not been this year but last time we went there were a few people who didn't quite get the keep away from the seals sign!!!!

not seen the pubs though!!!must be good if Alan keeps harping on about them though :dance

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Let us just hope that Barbara does not set up NWsters and cause a surge. I think as it passes over Scotland it will pass to far to the NE to cause a problem. However if it tracks further south we may have a problem.

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Peter, I know you think I'm stupid but really!!!

I'll have you know I nurtured my grib daily, sometimes more often than that.

I showed it to my girl friend once. She was the one who said it was too short to be of any use and that I should stop going at it with the grib file. I have to admit though, since I threw the grib file away, I'm getting far fewer headaches. :) 

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