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A Christmas Quiz On Pop Groups Or Bands.


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That's where my daughter definitely helped me out. I got to around 50 on my own but there were some items I couldn't figure out but I knew had to mean something. She gave me answers of groups I had never heard of. There are bands in there from the 60s onwards so you really need to have knowledge that spans a number of decades.

I saved the picture so that I could open it up in another editor and zoom in to see things like the names of the books on the shelves. Without doing that I wouldn't have got so many. I was also using Google to search for some names ... and some things are obvious once someone else says them. I've added another one now so am up to 74. :) 

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To be honest I'm not entirely sure now, having looked at it so many times and tried so many things. I have found out about bands that I had never heard of such as ... don't want to spoil it if anyone is also having a go. I am up to 93 and could post a very long list if anyone wants some answers to check off their own.

Not convinced that I have come up with anything for the wreath on the back wall with a red ribbon, or the fact that there are two white lights on the ceiling, or the cushion on the floor by the purple chair.

If anyone else has any bits they are stuck on let me know. I racked my brain for ages over the watermelon with sun glasses and the knife on the chair next to it! Then I discovered what they were and it all seemed so simple ... in a strange kind of way!

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Stuck on the same ones Jean

I feel I should know the watermelon one but just can't get it.(yet)

I got the knife one by pure luck but can't say I've ever heard of them

I'm up to 62 without any help (family or google) but some of the clues are so obscure but it is fun

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9 minutes ago, deebee29 said:


I feel I should know the watermelon one but just can't get it.(yet)


This was another of the ones that I had never heard of so if you reach a point where you have given up then let me know and I will let you know what I came up with ... eventually!!

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1 hour ago, deebee29 said:

Got it...... Try an anagram of melon

I do believe that the anagram of melon is actually on the couch ... and the melon itself is something else.

I had a good look down the Facebook page of the creators as there are a couple of long threads related to this which have some clues on them ... and also tell you some of the things that are not relevant at all. So that was quite helpful and edged me up to 94.


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