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R I P Rick Parfitt


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Just now, SwanR said:

Been quite a year for it and then one more is announced.

RIP indeed ... not that I was ever a Quo fan but music caters for all tastes.

Absolutely so, and i WAS a Quo fan since the early 70s, though never got to see them live until 2002 at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. They were absolutely awesome, and the crowd went mad. I remember how they came on stage in the pitch black, to the sound of a very heavy keyboard sound, which eventually faded into the opening guitar riff of Caroline. Then when they finished the song, we all went absolutely bananas.  The good thing about Quo was they never forgot who they were or where they came from,  and they ALWAYS loved their audiances.  Rock on Rick, and bash those riffs out upstairs matey.

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I've only been around for 44 years but I cannot remember another year as bad as 2016 for famous deaths.  Quo opening the Live Aid gig sticks in my mind, I can remember watching it on a hot Saturday afternoon.  RIP Rick.

Carrie Fisher is also fighting for her life after suffering a massive heart attack on a plane last night, only 60 although I'm aware she's had a few issues in the past which may not have helped.

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Very sad news, it's been a terrible year for celebrities 

I remember listening to Live Aid while on board Cherry Willow on the Southern Broads, we had her for 2 weeks and this was the middle Saturday. We managed to watch the evening part of the show on the little tv. 

I am a Quo fan and have seen them a number of times, they were always a great crowd pleaser and always delivered, my mum even came to see them once when they opened for Rod Stewart at Gateshead Stadium and loved them.

RIP Rick Parfitt

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Back in 1984 I was driving coaches for National Travel (the Old Sheffield United Tours), mainly on express work.  However one day i got an excursion job to Milton Keynes.  When i rolled up it was to the Milton Keynes Bowl for the Quo farewell tour! How many of those did they have.

Not my favourite band but I got in to see them for free along with Gary Glitter as support.

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