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A Salt Side "How Much"

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OK much discussion on salt side boat purchases lately so I pose a question.

Without looking or researching on the net so gut feel how much would you give for this ship.

The 'turning' of the Yotties in Shotley Yacht Club has commenced and one has this week has seen the light and converted :clap:clap

He is a Yottie so not bothered about 30 knots so how much would you give for this 1991 Corvette.




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Well before they went under a new Corvette 32 was 200K + kit, so about the same price as a sealine F34. given that you would expect a classic boat with great sea keeping to devalue less than a piece of flash plastic I would guess 65-£70K

Would love one but Heather can't get up the various ladders, hence looking for a practical boat that allows easy boarding from the pontoon and safe easy practical access to the higher points. or to put it another way A Sealine flash piece of plastic, again.


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Couldn't help having a nose around the internet after looking at this and have found a very nice one that has undergone a 40k refit prior to being shrink wraped and put up for sale, it even has proper engines that seem a bit more fitting for a fast trawler than the punney bits of metal in this one. had not looked at the U tube clip before I estimated the price and if I had I might have gone down 10k.

Gorgeous boat but with those engines it can't be any more than a displacement boat and that is a total waste of the hull.

What will it do? about 10 knots flat out would be my guess.


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8 or 10 would be about it, but they are one of the few hulls that behave perfectly at all speds so not much of a problem. Also 10 kts when a 30foot planing hull wil be down to 8 and a lot more comfortable, shame it just won't do a nice 14 or 15 and it would be a real useful passage maker. For an ex yachtie it's probably light speed ayway.

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Bugger, I was hoping you were going to say it went for £25k and was therefore well within my budget :lol:

I said I don't think you guys were far off most guesses.

BUT this boat was picked up for ..... wait for it...........................32k :o:o:o:o

So Mark my advice is have a very close look around the Thames it seems an area where a number of boats can be picked up for the right money. This one was up for over 60K a Fairline Turbo 36 was acquired for just over 30k. The buyer told me there is a Sealine F33 subject of a divorce horribly Green but cosmetic that is going for a song. It is a bit of a microcosm for some reason so I urge you to spread your wings and potentially gain the prize you seek.

Happy hunting.

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