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Cruising Into York


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So as this isn't about the Broads I am posting it in this forum. I know we have a Tales of Other Waterways section but that's hidden in the members area and I didn't want to restrict this post to members only - perhaps we could consider moving that, or something similar, to general viewing.

Anyway ... I have been following some of this gentleman's videos since the ones he posted on YouTube about the Norfolk Broads. This one has been uploaded recently and is about cruising up the River Ouse into York. It made for pleasant viewing given that I have probably watched all the Broads related videos ... some of them several times! So here you are ... in case anyone else is missing being out on a boat. :)


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I've cruised with Ellie into York. We used to camp at a site in Bishopsthorpe, right beside the river and the Bishops Palace. Good fishing, easy access to the city by car...and river, they hire boats (a couple of ex broads cruisers and day boats).Some amazing liveaboards moored there!

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:wave ive been on one of those trip boats just down from the crowther pub, not abad trip but abit short,& i remember seeing that very same tripboat  when they had bad floods there, with it's rear sticking up out of the water which was still attached to a floating pontoon , someone had been in a canoe filming around york  & went past the boat, bet it took ages to dry it out . lori

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In our first boat we went to York from Buccaneer Boats in Brundall. The boat had been built for us in the yard next door to Buccaneer Boats back in '80.


She was a Colvic 30 CC and we'd taken her out for sea trials at Gt Yarmouth just a couple of weeks early.

Big problem... she wouldn't get onto the plane and the engine wouldn't rev high enough. So they "cropped" her prop but to no avail and we later found out that they'd fitted the wrong gear box, a 2:1 instead of a 1.5:1 (or was it the other way round?

Perhaps I'd better write this up elsewhere as it's quite a long and potentially tragic story................


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