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A Fine Helmsman (and Woman)


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I find myself, at times, in complete awe and admiration of the fine helmsman in my family and indeed members of this very forum. You know the kind I am talking about, proper river men, who drink real ale (nothing girlie like sparkly wine or anything) who can make a crossing over a choppy and dangerous Breydon, as if there could be river monsters lurking under the bows and with such bravery and expertise that leaves the crew gasping in amazement

Not forgetting coming into moor at a crowded pub, not even a light nudge of the quay heading, people watching and almost wanting to applaud such fine boat handling

Then there's the conversation at the bar with other fine river men about how they nearly come a cropper on Breydon, or the time at St Olaves where the river was so tidal and the winds of hurricane proportion, it took just one attempt to come into moor, things only a fine helmsman could overcome

Then there's the Helmswoman, who will have a glass of something sparkly, will have a go at helming across Breydon with serenity and ease, not a word spoken of how lovely it was, even if a bit choppy and certainly no river monsters

The coming into moor at a crowded pub, narrowly missing other moored boats and maybe a gentle nudge of the quay heading, men running up to very kindly take the ropes

Then there's the conversation at the bar about how lovely it was crossing Breydon, the wind and tide at St Olaves quite calm but still a bit tricky, narrowly missed a couple of boats when coming into moor but did the nudge the quay heading a tad, never mind there was no harm done

I reckon that us 'Female Alcoholic Boaters', don't get enough credit, even if some of us run and hide at the sight of a flappy thingie coming round the bend :naughty:



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I well remember being at the helm crossing Breydon one relatively calm day when  what proved to be an enormous seal came out of the water just in front of the bow. I admit it, Loch ness crossed my mind!:shocked" What the hell is that?" I yelled, "It's only a seal you daft bat!" said my husband. calmly.


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