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Ship - Reedham


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I see that the lease of the Ship is up for grabs. 60k for a new 15 year free of tie lease. Seems reasonable, its a popular pub and does OK in winter too from what I've seen as its popular with the locals. Its been a consistent pub IMHO and always a must visit for us when we are in Reedham. The beer garden is one of my favourite places on the Broads. Now where's that lottery ticket.......cheersbar

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Sorry folks, I should have been clearer. The 60k will be the price for the lease ie for the business and goodwill, fixtures and fittings etc. The new leaseholder would then take on the lease at x£ per year. I'm not sure who owns the pub, I guess it's a pubco. I believe the current tenants have been there for a while. 

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Just checked with my friends in Reedham and they confirm that Peter owns the pub outright. He was in partnership with Graham for over 20 years and when Graham retired Peter bought him out. Looks like he is going to lease the pub to a suitable applicant and enjoy early retirement so there appears to be no fear of a dreaded Pubco involved



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Ok, for me The Ship is one pub, which I enjoy visiting and (there is not many I like / enjoy) to sit out in the garden, with a glass of cool beer / shandy (thats mine) :407_beer:. Overlooking the flat land across on the other bank and the river Yare doing it's own thing :Sailing.

What it does to me is total relaxation and peace :love

Fingers crossed and good luck to who ever takes it on cheers.

Roll on for the season to start again :bow.


Marina :Stinky


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Thanks norfolk  nog. I am a bit long in the tooth  now,but for a small fee or a few beers I can offer advice 

I wish them and indeed all the pubs on the broads a goodyear.I don't like to see any pubs lost.Lets hope B arms,the Lion etc get owners  that bring them  back to life.

Hopefully  Ian

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