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Hello Everyone!


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Hi everyone.  I've been lurking around this forum for a while now and have come to appreciate its friendliness, so I've finally plucked up the courage to join.  We live in North Bucks, but are originally from Anglesey (hence my forum ID).  Hubby and I first discovered the Broads July 2015 when we hired a three-berth Wood class Hunter's boat with our eldest son and our dog Marvin. It's all thanks to the Open University really (yes, I know that sounds odd, but let me explain).  I did a course in Children's Literature that year and discovered 'Swallows and Amazons', and then went on to read the rest of Ransom's books including 'The Coot Club'.  We've really fallen for the Broads and hired twice in 2016, the two of us along with Marvin had a 4 night break in March on Turquoise Emblem from Ferry Marina (having been upgraded because the boat we'd booked wasn't ready for the new season) and we hired 2 x two-berth Hustler class Hunter's boats in July with both our sons joining us.  Sadly our dog Marvin died in April, so we really missed him on the July trip.  We've also booked again this year with Ferry Marina (Royale Emblem for the first week in May, as we've persuaded my cousins to join us) and a four-berth Hunter's boat for July again.  We've now got a rather excitable 20 week old Collie, so things will be interesting this year!  Doggie buoyancy aid a must at all times! 

I must admit that I've got a bit obsessive about the Broads and have withdrawal symptoms.  When I was ill in bed over Christmas I managed to get through most of Robin's YouTube videos. Anyway, as you can tell we like to keep a foot in both sailie and mobo camps.  I find the banter between them very amusing, having experienced things from both viewpoints, so to speak. 

I kept a diary of last year's trips, so will post those up on the forum when I get a chance.


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Welcome to the Forum - you see it is not such a scary place, just a little crazy at times.  I think you might make a few people suffer from some kind of nervous breakdown - being both a lover of sailing and motor boating together ;)

Pleased you've enjoyed watching my videos - I am looking forward to doing more as the season progresses, but my office this year is under a new 'leadership' and all gone rather formal so I have to stick to prescribed holidays and time off which might limit the amount of boating and blogging I can do, that said I have been taking good care of a new project - growing fenders.

They are coming along nicely as you can see, and should be ready for picking come late spring...


Have a great time here, feel free to ask anything and share your boating adventures too.

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Hello Helen and :welcome:

It certainly looks as if you've caught a serious strain of the bug. Sadly I have to tell you that there really is no cure but you can keep it at bay by making regular trips to the Broads which you are doing so you should be fine.

Don't worry, however, you are in good company here but the only side effect is the bug makes you go slightly mad :facepalm:

have a great time here and maybe tell us about some of your visits in holiday tales :wave

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Hello Helen and welcome...

Now just one cotton pickin minute...I resent all this talk of a mad house. I was just saying to Napoleon the other day 'look Helen has joined the forum' and I thought Paris had taken her to Troy which caused Clive to take all the boats from Acle up to Stalham and then all the time she was in Wales! But then dear old Desiderius Erasmus pointed out it wasn't 'that' Helen but 'a different Helen you moron'.

I mean that did, the cheek of the man I told Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Good Time Lil, I said
'did you hear that Erasmus say it was a different Helen you Moron?'
and Archie he's a bit mutton says
'what's that Helen Mirren has joined the forum?'
'Has she?' I said.
 I mean I didn't know Helen Mirren was into boating...mind you if she has then the 2018 forum calendar will be a good seller. I mean...I may have licked the odd window in my time...one, maybe two...but that's no excuse for calling this a funny farm is it? Is it?I say? Hello? Is there anybody there? Ooh it's a bit cold outside. Prettu patterns in the ice on the window. Oh thod ith! I theem tho haft goth my tongth ththuck. Heoh! thumobthy help?

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Like you Helen, I "observed" the forum without contributing for quite a long time, before venturing on to it. I' m so glad I did. It's what keeps me sane while I'm waiting for the boating season to start and suffering  withdrawal symptoms big time! Yes, some of them come over as being slightly cuckoo in the nicest way of course but between them they hold a wealth of knowledge on so many subjects, I find myself constantly being astounded by how interesting they can be and above all, friendly, there's never any nastiness which makes it the perfect place to spend the winter, So Welcome from me too and I hope you get the enjoyment that I have,



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Welcome from another loon who came to the broads after reading Swallows and Amazons, Only I read S+A 50 years ago, moved here First in the RAF 40 years ago, before they sent me away again and finally moored Here permanently 18 years ago.

I moved here the final time from.... Milton Keynes (Stantonbury) and so have also been to the OU lunatic asylum many times as a student. I was also on the committee of Dovecot, Now Haversham sailing club at one point and was a member when we moved to Haversham..

We had buoyancy aids for our collies, the handle on the back is very useful!!!!

Oh I have a motorboat and spend most Sundays sailing in ever decreasing circles at Horning, we appear to have had  parallel lives if some what time separated.

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