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I thought that I might just give peeps an idea of some of the background working of the NBN.

One of the jobs is as Membership Mod where the membership statistics are checked every day basically to see who's approaching/or has just passed the 50 posts mark.

To do that we use the Registrations page in AdminCP and that's where we see who has recently joined us. (AdminCP is a separate part of the Forum accessed by those granted permissions by The Skipper). In four consecutive days last week we gained seven new members.

Then on to the Members page which shows in sequence exactly who has joined.

The Members page is checked by Alan RB (and in his absence Eric RC) every day and new applicants are checked out as genuine (or sometimes not). They have access to lists of spammers and all sorts of other undesirables! If all looks OK these new applicants are then upgraded to Members by Alan and Eric and can start to post on the Forum.

Meanwhile turning to another Members page shows who has, say, over 40 posts (or any other number). It is most interesting to see who is rapidly climbing up the ladder towards 50 and then carry on up to 60 or so posts just in case someone has slipped through....

When a Member reaches the 50 posts a request for Proposer & Seconder is posted in the Full Members section. It is here that any Full Member can question the person's suitability. This however literally only occurs once in a blue moon! After a week of further posts the the Member concerned is upgraded to Full Member and is welcomed into the 'other world'. 

In the meantime we have quite frequent conversations in The Team Area to ensure the smooth running of the Forum. This is not just the province of the Mods as we have sub-sections in which a lot of very hard work is done.

This includes the "Events, Fund Raising, Site Advertising and Promotion" area where we have been lucky enough to welcome Griff, Robin and Tim recently. When some of the new projects bear fruition we are looking forward to exciting times ahead!

Also the "Site Technical Running" area where Jonzo, Dave DB and Alan JO burn a lot of midnight oil in looking after the technical aspects to keeping the Forum running smoothly. Most of this is far too technical for most of us Mods to really comprehend but absolutely essential for all of us who use the Forum.

And finally "The Team Room" where the Mods deliberate anything else which may affect us all.

It's an interesting life behind the scenes!   :wave

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I'm sure I'm first in a very long line of people to say how very much we appreciate all the hard work and hours you all put in to make the forum run smoothly

At the press of a button on our computers (yes, I can manage that lol) and there you all are, without all you guys that make up our Team it wouldn't be possible

This forum is an absolute treasure, has lifted my spirits on a few occasions, is entertaining, topical and down right fun

Thank you all of you, you're the best you really are :trophy


p.s I'm a bit sceptical about Dave though, a techy and he couldn't access the forum for two days last week :naughty:

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After taking a peek behind the scenes last night...I can safely say it's a well oiled machine. 'Well oiled' being the operative phrase. Tea and coffee cups all over, empty liquor bottles and dog ends. In one room a big arm chair with tartan slippers and tartan cricket bats basked in the cosy glow of a coal fire. In another room there was sand and palm trees and tartan grass skirts all over the place. There was another room with a stair lift and pictures of Thora Hird, one room with a big hole in the floor and a sign saying put money here. There was another room full of glue and scissors and bits of old calendars. Of course there were rooms ready for Griff, Robin and Myself. Griffs had a gun case and cages for his ferrets and a hook for his flat 'at. Robins had camcorders and big cupboard full of blue fenders for some reason and my room has really cosy padding on the wall, no sharp objects and a really nice coat with really long sleeves. All of this was of course held together with gaffa tape. Amazing!

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