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11 minutes ago, Meantime said:

Strange that you would know the answer to that one! :default_rofl::default_beerchug:

The term pot and kettle springs to my mind at this moment :default_biggrin:

I was just trying to get it in before you pipped me to it mate :default_beerchug:

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I favour bread in that area. It's very good just below the Sutton Stalham fork. Find a quietish spot to moor, tie up then wait a few minutes for the water to settle before starting. This is the time t

Hi, has anyone got any advice on fishing the River Ant, like where are the better areas for the bigger bream and Perch? I like to think I'm a fairly competant angler, its just I will be mooring u

There's a fantastic mooring on the Ant called Johnny Crowes Staithe just before the How Hill moorings, we managed to moor there last October and fished the afternoon/evening with a simple float rod se

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53 minutes ago, Malcolm Withell said:

For the first couple of days there were plenty of fish around but I've blanked since! Any idea why? Would all the fish of various species moved, or what? I'm fishing only from the houseboat so haven't tried anywhere else.

The OP on the No Fish thread has asked the same question about fishing from Ranworth Island this morning.

Could it be that both places are pretty shallow water and the recent very cold nights may have stopped the fish feeding?

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Quite possible. It's around three feet deep where I am. I got a few perch on worms yesterday but not much sign of other fish. I've seen quite a few anglers catching fish in various other places we've visited (Horning, Potter Heigham, Ludham, etc)

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The other thing that absolutely seems to kill fishing on the broads is a wind with any hint of Easterly with it. Don't know why, perhaps it ruffles up the fish's feathers up the wrong way, so to speak. Doesn't seem to have quite such a marked effect in the rivers though.

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Just now, HEM said:

When the wind is in the East - then the feeshes bite the least.

As a pretty much non-angler I recall that from the dim & distant past.


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I've had fun this season spinning for perch with a little Mepps spinner.  Last time I tried, I caught a pike of around 5lb by accident. Surprised I managed to land it because I was using light line with no wire trace. 

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