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Fuel flow meter

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With Clanny spending more time on the salt I am deciding whether to fit a fuel flow meter or not, the one I am thinking of is this

http://www.leisureshopdirect.com/marine ... Gauge.aspx

Apparently 2 flow meters can be connected to give me data from both engines, although I don't knw if this will be joint or individualy. It will also take an NMEA feed from my plotter to give me miles per gallon and accurately tell me what is left in the tanks.

Thing is it is not a stand alone in that it won't work unless connected to an NMEA netork and has no independant power lead instead taking its power through the network.

Are there any Elecrickery experts out there that have any idea what I would need to set it up.

My Plotter currently just feeds the VHF DSC with GPS Data but on board I also have Radar, GPS, Auto Pilot, depth and speed from a paddle wheel all on a seatalk network.

I assume that I can supply a feed just connecting the flow meters, the dispay unit and the plotter for GPS Speed input but has anyone got any idea how?


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I am deciding whether to fit a fuel flow meter or not,

Ian do you really want to fit one these :o:naughty::naughty:

Joking aside I can see the benefit particularly to know what is your most economic cruising speed.

David's set up is very impressive and links through his Raymarine plotter and takes the information from an interface from his engine through some Volvo jiggery pokery. Kiki's Yanmar is not ECU controlled and therefore I could not do the same, I think this could be the same issue for you

I looked at fitting something like flow scan but the cost v's the real benefit to me made me shelve for the time being, other stuff more important has priority.

I 'm sure David will be along shortly.................................

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An elecrtickey expert is no use here Ian it’s a network engineer you need. :naughty::grin:

Like my setup that unit is NMEA2000 which is about as similar to NMEA0183 as walking is to a space shuttle, you will need a network backbone made of devicenet 5 core shielded cable which along with devicenet connectors is the industry standard, as it happens I have some left over from my installation which you can have if you need it as it is difficult to source unless you pay through the nose. NMEA2000 backbone requires a power supply to function but it is a simple "T" piece to provide it info like a real network instead of just in and out leads like 0183. Most modern plotters have either NMEA2000 or their own proprietry name (e.g. Raymarine seatalk 2, Lowrencenet etc) for the same thing. I have to urgently go out now but will either post or PM you with details tomorrow.

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OK back from urgent trip to Shotley to dump some A/F in the raw water and stuff, should have done it last week really but couldn’t be arsed.

That instrument would need two sensors Ian, it looks very good value, it also looks as if you could add other sensors once you have the basic backbone in. I had a flowscan on our last petrol boat and it did help with finding the sweet spot for best MPG which did vary according to sea conditions, loading etc. More on NMEA2000 and what you can do with it once you've installed the one instrument? Just use the link below to save me typing reams and reams. :naughty:


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A simple and cheaper alternative might be one of these and some simple arithmetic to work out mpg as you are hoping for 1 mpg or just over should be easy to work out.


The aeronautical brigade use the same one so it should be reliable although they are charged over twice the price :lol:

http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/i ... lmizer.php

On this page you will find quite a few.


cheers Jonathan

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Hi David thanks for that,

The instrument itself does seem good value as do the sensors at £45 each so fuel monitering for £200 but you wern't kidding about the cost of the network were you. £75 for 2m of cable to connect the fuel gage and 1 sensor then it looks like I need another terminal and lead for the chart plotter to link in and another for the other flow meter.

The whole package is starting to get expensive and as Clanny will probably go up for sale late next year I am wondering if I can recover the cost in a season.

You mentioned you had some bits left over, do you fancy selling them on?


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I certainly have some backbone cable Ian and you are more than welcome to it Gratis if of use. I may have a T piece and a field attachable terminal plug but am not sure, I will have a look again when I go to the boat later this week. You also need a resistive terminator at each end of the network, similar to the old ten base Ethernet structure but those are about the cheapest bit of all.

Another thought is of course if you have the right model of plotter you may be able to display the data direct to that as I did with my C series Raymarine without buying a head.

If there are any factory process technicians on here that use devicenet bus to control their software and actuator modules then the physical structure is identical as the NMEA guys chose it due to it’s robust nature and resistance to water / oil and other nasties. Though the prices I have seen for the kit is on a par with the marine stuff it may be cheaper in bulk.

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Any bits much appriciated David,

My Plotter is a Standard Horizon CP 180i so bottom end stuff and while it is NMEA 2000 compliant it has no facility for fuel metering. It does put out the right sentances for the speed information though.


Any software or firmware upgrades available for it Ian?

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I have the 5m or so of NMEA2000 / Devicenet cable in my car ready to send Ian, can't find any of the connectors though I am still sure I have some somewhere. If you PM me your address I will send the cable. That reminds me, must send Jonny that vacuum gauge. :oops:

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