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No Shore power

Guest Jupiter Mist

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Hi all...

Suzanne and I spent the snowy weekend on the new boat and had a problem with our shore power! Basically, it just cut out (not tripped the fuse) just simply stopped. At first we thought a power cut or not enough cards in the meter, but after checking this and changing shore leads, trying different posts at the marina, we have come to the conclusion that the Rcd/fuse whetever it is called located on the main electric panel is duff. It should have tripped, as we were drawing a lot of current (calorifier/charger/dehumidifier/kettel/electric heater) but it didnt...it just stopped dead...no orange light, no reset...nothing.

I am 95% sure that this is where the problem lies as we know that power is getting to it.

We managed to keep the appliances going as I have a separateshore power lead with a 4 way extension socket attachment (very useful under the circumstances), and I think I am right in saying that the next part of the boats shore power circuit would be the fuse/rcd thingy on the main panel.

The question is, how do I get this replaced...before Christmas???

Do I call a boat electrician, or as someone suggested, you could pick one up from B&Q...hmmm...yeah but which one?? All I can identify from the unit itself is that it is manufactured by "legrand" has a ref "C16" on it...etc etc...Legrands site is quite extensive, and I am not even sure what the correct terminology is for it to locate the exact part number.

In a house, it would undoubtedly be called a consumer unit...but I am sure I could spend weeks in B&Q trying to locate the right thing..

any help, suggestions would be most welcome

Apart from that, we had a fab weekend on the boat...snow and all...and although warm, the sheer inconvenience of operating all out electricals from extension leads led us to cut short today...doh!


Sea Hunter (Bling of the broads!)

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Hi Adam

Legrand are a common manufacturer and I'm oretty sure they sell them at B&Q. In theory, I'm sure you could pop down there and get one with the same rating as a direct replacment, but I would seriously recommend asking someone for help just to be sure.

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Hi Adam as you are able to completely disconnect shore power you will be quite safe to remove the front of the consumer unit. You can then either remove the main rcd or take a detailed picture and check the feed wire to the unit. Either way take it to your local electrical merchant/factor who will be able to advise on replacement. All so might be worth checking the wiring inside the shore power socket on the boat in case it has burnt out there.


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Jonathan makes a good point on the shore power socket. We did it when we first had White Lady by lifting the flap on the shore power lead rather than feeding it into the socket. The pins make but not very well so the power comes on but then shorts around the terminals.


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