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Our New Year Adventure


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It was Great! :grin:

Set off reasonably early afternoon Tuesday 29th December (Col had to work the morning) and arrived at the boat with some day light left :party: . Made up all the cabins and settled downed with a drink or two. However, as it was still fairly early, Col and I decided to leave the boys watching a DVD and wander over to the Wayford Bridge Inn for a night cap or two. Which was a very pleasant indeed start to our trip.

On the Wednesday, we had arranged to meet our friends Terry and Sheila at the Wroxham Hotel for an afternoon and evening meal. So, after Col had cleaned Happy Jax II (To his exacting standards) we left the yard at Wayford at 11 o’clock for our usual meander down the Ant. Weather wasn’t great (raining :shock: ) and as a lot of you know, we have to drop the canopy to get through Ludham which made for a really great start to our break :( . Still, we weathered through and made our way onto Wroxham. Whilst passing through Horning we spotted Friday Girl moored outside the New Inn (no sign of life though, possibly in the pub :lol: ) and Sue, hank (EvenStar) and Pete (Petremela) moored on the Horning Staithe (no sign of life though, possibly in the pub :lol::lol: ).

On arriving in Wroxham, we wandered over to the Brinks Moorings (Old Moores yard) and moored up next to Terry and Sheila whilst they prepped their Boat for the long trip over the river to the Wroxham Hotel :? . About an hour later everyone was ready for the arduous 20 meter trip across the river, so off we set, to be immediately caught by a ferocious side wind which shoved us (at quite a speed) into the corner of quay heading opposite. This obviously resulted in lots of swearing and pontificating

as to whose fault this may have been ;) . So a stiff drink was needed once we had safely arrived at the hotel. Still, we had it easy, Terry had to come over on just one of his 7.4 litre petrol engines as the other one refused to start :o .

Settled in and happily supping away, when we were joined by Mark (MBird), who had spotted HJII from the bridge (On his way back from Serenity). Anyway, as usual, we had an enjoyable afternoon and evening was spent at the Hotel.

The following day (NYE) we set off for Horning (after Terry and Col got the other one of Terry's engine going) and passed John and Mary-Jane (heading for Wroxham) in the new Friday Girl (and very lovely she is too :clap ). We planned to stop at Horning staithe to walk the dogs and then go onto the New Inn for the party but on arrival at Horning, the staithe was full so we moored outside Swan Inn with the intention of having a light lunch. Col phoned Rod (Flying Fortress) to let him know where we were and he and Shirley came down from the New Inn, with Treacle, to walk the dogs. Various menfolk (and Shirley), 3 golden retrievers, one Jack Russell and one black Lab set off for a long walk.

On their return we all went into the Swan for our snack before the big party, only to find that they had no chips (Ohmigod, no chips :o ) and as 6 bowls of chips was the intended snack this was NO GOOD. Now the time was 13:30 NYE so a quick call was made to the New Inn and “yes†they were serving until 14:30. So we sent the boys (Jay and Connor) by road to the New Inn, whilst we all jumped onto the boats for a quick dash up the river.

Once we arrived at the New Inn (moored next to Rod and Shirley) and sorted out the leckie, we finally managed to order our food and settle in for a drink. Oh the relief!

Now we had bought and paid for 10 tickets but unfortunately two of our party couldn’t make it, so we handed back the two tickets to the pub (thinking they would pass them on, as there was a waiting list, but they decided that, this late in the day, they wouldn’t bother). Whilst we were sat there (outstaying our welcome as usual cheersbar ) Roy and Diane (Boaters) turned up (they had spotted HJII from the road) and popped into say hello. It turned out that they were at loose end (their NYE celebration having been cancelled) so with a quick bit of negotiating, our spare tickets were returned/recovered and Roy and Diane joined our party :party: .

And what a great Party it was! :bow A really good evening (I think) was had by all. (Col will be posting piccies soon).

On Friday (New Years Day) we set off for Ranworth (Hoping not for a repeat of last year) and settled in on the staithe and this turned into a mini reunion with Tobi (from Salhouse Broad), Bob and Sandy (Happy Days), Griff and Co (Broads Ambition) and Rod and shirley (and various dogs, Buddy, Hobbit, Treacle, Macie and Honey) all mooring at the staithe. An evening spent in the Maltsters (Rod was fire monitor :roll: ) with very pleasant company made for a great last night, for a very enjoyable boating break (one of our best yet).

Woke up this morning to find the broad HAD frozen over again two gunstwo guns (but not nearly as bad as last year) and enjoyed a morning with our friends before heading home.

Lou xx

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Lou,Colin and boys ,good to see you got home OK with the weather we have had.As Lou said we joined them all at the last minute and what a great night it turned out to be (always is when you dont plan it ) as we had decided not take our boat to Sutton on our own,when unfortunately Olive was unwell and even today did not sound to good,get well soon O. So we went home to change and returned for a realy good evening in good company cheersbarcheers:dance:party: as can be expected Colin , Rod and Terry were in good form having had a jar or two ! the girls and the lads did not do to badly either.At well past one we said our farewells and headed off to make our our way home.We could not stand on the ice outside the Inn and the first mile was a nightmare on the frozen snow making us wish we had taken up the offers of bunks on board for the night ,for which we both thank you all.Made it home OK and reflected on what a good time we all had.We intended going out on the boat to Ranworth but weather conditions were not improving ,so sadly decided that we would turn up the heating and stay home instead.Are Rod and Shirley still out ? Will try and post pictures soon . :party2:

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Hello Rod that small trail through the ice was mine!

We we went up to suttom staithe after leaving you at the New inn

And thats when it all went wrong,the impellor went on the water pump and the heating packed in :cry

as it was late when we got it fixed we stayed there and got iced in :cry

took 2 hours to get back to our mooring and now require a anti-foul :cry

But we enjoyed it and apart from the ice would go again,once the heaters fixed

Happy New Year to all


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So the heating problem.

As has been previously mentioned on here we did have a problem or 2 with the old Ebo in October.

I totally blame David (Antares 9) for talking this up when we spent a most agreeable evening at Shotley on the 27th. :naughty:

The buggering thing ran for 1.5 hours then chucked its hand in.

We suffered too Rod, I think the air heater pixies were listening to that conversation, I had to use the "boost start" on our Webo three times and finally had to do a full strip down decoke and clean out the flame starter air bleed hole.

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I would just like to echo what has already been said. As usual the hospitality of the staff at the New Inn was exceptional, they laid on good food and entertainment and a great night was had by all.

Glad to hear you got back safely Rod & Shirley, I was worried when I saw the Ice on the river up to Stalham, I was going to give you a call and w arn you, but had second thoughts as did not want to worry you unnecessarily and there was a track made through the ice, It would seem, thanks to Andy. :clap

As Lou promised here we go with some picci's

Connor just can't help himself.


Rod & Shirley braving the cold


And the party got under way


Nice to see romance is still alive ;)


James Barr, our evenings entertainment, well worth a look in if you get the opportunity.


Roy just can't leave the girls alone :naughty:


Swinging now


:o Who gave him that :o


Loops and Sheila still going for it.


2010 Arrives


New Inn on a quiet New Years Day


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And then we moved on to Ranworth with a element of trepidation after getting caught in the Ice last year.

It was great to see the Maltsters back up and running, this was the first time we had visited since the re-opening. :oops: But will make up for it this year, that's for sure.

As Lou already said it was like another forum meet. we arrived first, followed by Rod & Shirley, then we noticed Phil & Toby from Salhouse on the green, then Griff and Stevie V with the Broads Ambition crew arrived and finally, Bob & Sandy on Happy Days Illuminated the broad, laden with Christmas lights :dance. Great to see you all again.

All over to the Maltsters for another fine evening tucked up by the fire, thanks to Rod with his invaluable fire monitor skills. We came out to find the Broad had again frozen. :o

Here's some more picci's for those who are interested. Remember to click on photo's to view.

Broads Ambition in all her glory.


Cold morning on Ranwoth, Is that Rod up before midday :naughty:


Good to see back on the map. :party:


:o Our only route out thanks to another friendly boater.


Ice Station Ranworth


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Hi everyone

got back last night after a 20 mile trip on the m62 from Huddersfield took ages we was at a crawl on both sides of the m62 were down to one lane with snow covering the rest. we he snow all the way from Norwich kingslynn Grantham so we took our time & got home 9pm unloaded the car got my bedding & went to bed i could barely stand.

it was good getting back on the boat getting some good family time again as we only get that when were on the boat. we told Brian hes having Christmas dinner on curlew we also asked Colin but was going to a friends. Brian enjoyed Christmas dinner he was full then came out his gift as he wasn't expecting nothing it made it worth while when he found out it was an halogen oven :):)

while i was down i got chatting to Pete Sanders who i have neva met before top chap also Andy (Andyfish) who came over to curlew to see if we was in not a long chat as we were almost on our way (next time mate)

but i have to say it was good meeting Rod & Shirley & the stunning treacle

Shirley has insisted that I apologise on her behalf for being a bit sharp with Jonny when She returned from up the street (Stalham)and found us on board Sally

Rod mate tell Shirley no apologies needed as i dint even know i noticed she was looking a bit tired but that was it

(that Jonny piloted backwards from the water point back to our moorings with great aplomb :bow :bow )

Rod pleasure was all mine sally is stunning the saloon is massive the work that Richo's done on the galley is mint see whats the need for these thrusters :naughty::naughty: :naughty

with great aplomb :bow :bow ):

i have no idea what that means :lol::lol:

Jonny ice sliceice slice

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We suffered too Rod, I think the air heater pixies were listening to that conversation, I had to use the "boost start" on our Webo three times and finally had to do a full strip down decoke and clean out the flame starter air bleed hole.

Are the webos esier to decoke. I have an d4 airtronic eber that takes a week to decoke.


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I think the only one I have missed out was the visit from Paul before we went to the pub. cheers M8 nice to see you again.

Hi Rod, Nice to have a chat at last (even if you were in your dressing gown) :naughty:

Hope i didn't keep you from the New Inn too long cheersbar

Pity i had to drive back to Loddon or i would have had a drink in the pub.

Thanks for the coffee anyway.

Hope we'll meet up later.

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"Are the webos esier to decoke. I have an d4 airtronic eber that takes a week to decoke.


I like the Webos the best of all to work on Jonathan, but the Ebos aren’t that much more difficult it’s still a case of separating the heat exchanger from the fans and control box. :P

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