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My Day


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Looking at the weather forecast last night and we were going to be lucky if fog would clear sometime during the day. As it happened  there was no fog but sunshine all day long and with that red sky tonight hopefully the same tomorrow



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13 hours ago, Ray said:

Either of you been within sight of Ludham Bridge by any chance? Hoping water levels are dropping enough now for me to get under.

I'll probably drive up there in the morning, all being well.

EA has just published the Friday morning readings for Barton Broad & have been in steady decline 15cm lower this morning than 5 days ago with very little variation between high & low

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Made it! Thanks for all the replies, I arrived at Ludham Bridge at 12:20ish, the tide was falling but it was still very tight.. the marker advised 8' 1" and even though that leaves some wriggle room I decided to moor up for a brew and sandwiches for a while to see if it would drop some more, low water wasn't until 16:30.

Just after 13:00 I walked up for a close sighting of the marker, it was just about 8'3"... My boat is 8'3" so I pretty much decided to go for it. I got chatting to an angler by the bridge and he said " hold your breathe and I'll look out from the bank and give you a shout if it looks dodgy" 

I was solo helming for the first time today and his kind offer decided me. As I eased the bow pennant pole under the leading edge of the bridge a voice rang out across the water... "Go on, you could get a bus through there" 🙂 If this bus was an inch taller than my boat he was right lol but it was a relief I can tell you, we shared a thumbs up and I was through at last!

In the unlikely event he is a member here, thank you!

So three great things today, finally moved my boat to her new moorings, really enjoyed solo helming and against the usual stereotyping the angler and the helm can be friends.

It was a beautiful day for a cruise and probably the most fun I've had in months 👍

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Beautiful day has now emerged here at Stalham. Selsie has done an engine service. After a call to the JanetAnne emergency helpline when there seemed to be something wrong with the starter motor, all sorted, and we just had to have a test cruise down to Paddy’s Lane and back where I practiced mooring. Not going to say it was perfect by any means but I did it!  

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8 minutes ago, Andrewcook said:

Hi Captain Lulu as you've now sorted out the Boat problem. As to being at the Helm all I can say is Practise makes Perfect and may you do many more when you are out and about  on your Boat. 

That’s the intention for this year. Not going to promote myself to Captain just yet though! 

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10 hours ago, BrundallNavy said:

On the front of the Swan ?  


6 hours ago, BroadAmbition said:

Well that is where the photo was taken from, his pride and joy could be on The Green or indeed the Swan berths


Yes the photo was taken from The Swan garden and the boat was on the Green.

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