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3 hours ago, TheQ said:

Typical Scottish house, pebble dash...


Sailing today a bit too windy, not many about at Horning some because of the wind, some up at Wroxham for the start of their regatta.

Liz did some rallying up a dyke.

Saw Pipedreams go past, then shortly after had a passing word with Broad Ambition.

Didn't do too well at the sailing, weed, the mainsail slipped, a bit to much wind for BM.

Yep tried visiting a riverside dyke and had to be rescued. Won the second race though. Saw BA so briefly, can't even remember when!

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Saturday afternoon dog walk, stopped beneath the shade of a big old tree to watch the village cricket team play under the watchful eye of the parish church.... and breathe!


"This royal throne of kings, this sceptered isle, This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars, This other Eden, demi-paradise, This fortress built by Nature for herself Against infection and the hand of war, This happy breed of men, this little world, This precious stone set in the silver sea, Which serves it in the office of a wall Or as a moat defensive to a house, Against the envy of less happier lands,--This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England."



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Lot of rain over night but it appears to have finished earlier than expected, which is good for today.

My day yesterday,

First race went extremely well , an average start, but I kept up with the fleet, despite being the slowest handicap boat. At one point BM was ahead of a 8% faster boat.

BM mixing it with the big boys,


End of race one I had a day boat try overtake me on the left. As I crossed the finish line, it tried to turn right to go round the Swan in corner. Unfortunately it hadn't actually passed me at that point so there was a coming together. I saw the same day boat on the way back during the second race cause absolute chose trying to weave its way through the fleet..

Race two thought I was keeping out of every ones way at the start, two boats were over. The others got in a mess and suddenly I was in first place, didn't last long but it took a lap and a half for every one to get past. Then the wind died, and with a strong tide against us we drifted back wards for a couple of tacks before wind resumed if some what lightly, was well behind everyone at the end..

a day boat where it shouldn't be, in the middle of the river during the Rebel Keel boat start.


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what a day yesterday, mid morning i got a call from my parents, they had a water leak, could I come over, it just needed sealing with some silicone. after i finished working at 3pm, I headed over, sealant gun at the ready, only to be told they didnt have any idea where the water was coming from, close inspection eliminated the joints, and finally I spotted, a spurt of water from the pipe, about an inch below a joint, from the back of the pipe to the wall.

fortunately it was the hot water pipe, so I turned that off at the valve beneath the heater (its a direct flow heater, so no tank.)

leak isolated it was now time to try and temporarily fix it (as i had bought no actual plumbing tools with me)

off to B&Q, nope, then found some self vulcanising tape in halfords, good to 250 deg C, yes that should do the trick.

but no, things didnt go as planned, first problems getting the tape all the way around the pipe in anything like a neat fashion, it kept sticking to itself when i didnt want it to, and not sticking to the pipe when i did.

so after wrapping the pipe and turning the water back on it still leaked. then my dad wanted to call a company he had found on check a trade, rather than his trusted gas man who also does associated plumbing.

fortunately he got no answer from the 24 hour plumber (where I am sure he stood a good chance of being ripped off) so he eventually calls his gas man- earliest they can visit would be friday.

As we had found theat we could stop the leak by turning off the hot valve below the heater, i suggested that they do this and only turn it on when they actually needed hot water.

i eventually leave them with this as the plan, go round the corner to my sisters to report my attempts, and fate stepped in, my nephew was round there, he is currently re-plumbing his bathroom, so offers to pop round and see what he can do. 

after i arrive home i have a message, he has fixed it, a spare section of pipe from my sisters, and a couple of push fit connectors he had in the car, and the leak is fixed, thank goodness for nephews that are still young enough to fit into under sink cupboards, and are willing to help out.

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Today we visited  a few garden centre. Marina looking for more fish gor the Tank.None today. Still we brought  a few pots and some odds  and ends.We went down to the Ferry House  for lunch.Our first time sine Autumn 2020.Smaller menu but all good.On the way back called into Winbirri Vineyard,Surlingham. Not cheap  but very good vines.They put on events  throughout the year. Check on there website. 

Christmas  preparations at Roy's. 







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We went for lunch to the Ferry House last Saturday for the first time in about 3 years or more. We went by boat with one of our marina neighbours on his boat. As you say smaller menu but good just the same.



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31 minutes ago, addicted said:

We went for lunch to the Ferry House last Saturday for the first time in about 3 years or more. We went by boat with one of our marina neighbours on his boat. As you say smaller menu but good just the same

And you can't beat sitting outside in their garden with a refreshing cold pint of Aspalls on a sunny day overlooking the river and watching the boats pass by. I love that place :default_smile:

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21 hours ago, Chelsea14Ian said:

 . . . . . . . . . . . .Christmas  preparations at Roy's. 


Nooooooooooooooo!  😡. Are they taking the p***?  Do they really think that folk want to see that at the beginning of August?  Even the Temple of Tat haven’t started to display their Christmas garbage yet!  Just too early!

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I do hope that I am doing this correctly but I thought I would share a few photos from a few days ago. I must add that I am not much of a photographer but I hope you like them anyway :default_smile:

I started over at Sutton Staithe where moorings were available


I hadn't taken any pictures along the way but once through Potter Heigham bridge I had a stop off and a walk through the village


I hadn't been in the Falgate pub since the new owners had taken over and given it a spruce up so was pleasantly suprised at the more modern appearance in one side whilst keeping the old style in the other half of the pub


I think I may have had a beer too many with this shot :default_biggrin:


And a spruce up of the garden too


Once back at the boat, I headed off up over Hickling Broad to reach the Pleasureboat Inn












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About 18 months ago we contacted our insurers about some cracks in walls that were seriously worrying us. We had an extended period where movement was monitored then at the beginning of the year advised that the trees on our boundary were to blame for subsidence (our house backs onto what was a field hedge). 

Of course, by that time spring was on its way, so no tree cutting down was allowed. Finally, the tree surgeons (butchers) visited today and cut down everything within 20m of the house. 

That includes an Acer I had in a pot!!!

See why I call them butchers!


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I think people with buzz saws just get carried away and are on a time constraint. Either that, or they are just mean. I’m trying my hardest to think the first theory is true. 

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To cut back that far is ridiculous and an over reaction and to cut a tree in a pot is plain stupid.

The main trees could have been lowered to 3 metres.

A lot of properties have some cracking, particularly when we have a couple of dryer seasons.

The rule of thumb is no closer than 7 metres for a large tree with deep roots and become concerned if you can get a 50p coin 75% into a crack.

Insurers over react as they like to avoid claims in the future and usually employ assessors rather than Chartered Surveyors.



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Marina and I spent about  three hours on the Boat.Didnt take her out but gave her a good clean and put the curtains back on.Next week the upholstery is being done.So that eill freshen up the boat 🚢

A few pic's. 

Another Hampton.




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20 hours ago, YnysMon said:

That includes an Acer I had in a pot!!!

Send them the bill for a new one Helen. That’s just downright thoughtless and stupid. 
You can be as slapdash or as careful with a chainsaw as you want to be. In the right hands, they can be used to carve very intricate sculptures, and Tony cuts to within half an inch of the edge of small trunks/branches when hedgelaying. They don’t have to be ‘driven’ full pelt all the time. 

Charge them!!!!!

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I’ve spent the last three days exploring the area round where my daughter and son in law have just moved to. A few miles west of Burton on Trent. 

Right in the ‘National Forest’ and absolutely heaving with footpaths and lovely little villages. Finlay springer and I are certainly going to enjoy getting to know the local area. I’m looking forward to walking some of the canal towpaths too. 
No photos I’m afraid though. 

Maybe most areas of the country are actually just lovely if we all just had enough time to get to know them intimately.
I for one have certainly fallen in love with the Broads by getting OFF the boat. Without a dog, I doubt I would have done!!!

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Kate…you have set me off on a complete ramble this evening.:default_biggrin:

I’ve been wanting to explore that area of north Staffordshire for ages. I’ve done a lot of family research and whilst my paternal grandfather’s line stretches back to the beginning of church records in villages just south of Lichfield, the families that they married into are more scattered around Staffordshire, including some who lived in the villages NW of Burton, mainly Tutbury and Hanbury.

My great grandmother’s line I’ve tracked back to Worcestershire, to villages not that far from where Graham’s ancestors lived (his maternal grandma’s line is pure Worcestershire). What’s interesting is that my family gradually moved over the course of three generations during the mid to late 19th C from Worcestershire to Staffordshire via Shropshire along places that are on the canal network. Social history come to life.

Ooh..a few other interesting snippets confirmed in census records. Before her marriage, Graham’s Grandma worked as a porcelain worker for Royal Worcestershire (I’ve inherited some of her ceramics).  A few generations before that most of the females living in Worcester were employed as glove makers. In the 19th C Worcester was known as a centre for glove making, just like Northampton was known for shoes and Luton for hats.

Northampton and shoes…when I worked in Bletchley train station in the mid 80s, the fastest commuter train from Northampton to Euston was still referred to as ‘The Cobbler’.

I said this would be a ramble! 


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That's a lovely ramble Helen. Very interesting is your description of how families moved further afield and spread along the canal network. It make sense.


Tutbury was one of the places I went to, mainly to pick up registration forms for the GP. Then a lovely walk along riverside meadows where the cows took no notice whatsoever of me and the dog, along to a weir, across a few more fields and then headed up to the castle. I hadn't realised when I set off from the car that there was a castle there so had no money with me to pay the entry fee. But it's in a very imposing position overlooking the river valley and I'm going to find out more about it sometime when I go again.

I also went from Barton under Needwood to Dunstall (I think that's what it was called), I think an old estate village with a large Hall, church etc and lovely woodland walking. And Yoxall which was pretty, although some of the paths were awful. 


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