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My Day


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Woke up to heavy rain,

Woke up to heavy rain

Woke up to thunder

Gave up got up 04:30


Took motor boat across river 

Came back in rescue boat 06:00.

Went into club house and turned the tea urn on.

Got the other 3 rescue boats kitted up and fueled up.

Had coffee,  put up red ensign and club flags, 08:00

Had coffee and bacon rolls.

Took race officers to Black horse broad set up course.

Returned to club to tow up competitors,

Spent the day doing this



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My day, woke up, checked moths, had lovely bacon buttie, got boat ready, sailed up river then thanks to Q got pushed through to Black Horse. Sailed one race, sailed back to clubhouse, saw Malanka and gave Boris a "what moment"  when we shouted out. Had lunch, got tow back to Broad, had seriously bad race when crew wanted to jump ship, survived, then did last race, not so bad, since some refreshments, great start to Horning Week, wish you were all here!

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Forgot about Melanka yesterday, I doffed my hat as she went past.

This morning's routine has been the same as yesterday except the river buoys have been loaded up, just waiting having a coffee before we raise the flags and fire the canon at 08:00. We get complaints from the village, if we are not on time, we get looks of surprise and some times terror if there is a tourist going past....

Sadly we use blanks....:default_2gunsfiring_v1::1_grinning:


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Today I am playing with my overlocker. I abandoned a cover for the dinghy a few years ago as the plastic sheeting wouldn't go through my machines without an almighty fight. I made the cover with  imitation gore-tex instead. 

I tried the overlocker with this plastic/vinyl/goodness knows what and it is a much better prospect, so I will finish it today. It should look tidy for towing The Whimp.

Tomorrow I am getting a ply delivery so as to make a solid, but foldable, storage cover for the Whimp. It's too heavy to just turn it over and everything I cover it with lets in if its sagging too much after rain, soooo it's going to be a lid, and the aforementioned fake gore-tex over the top. 

I am not making the attempt to make the lid watertight, I want it to fold,  but will get a coat of varnish on to protect it from damp.

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My day, well, My week really,  31st July to 4th August.

05:00, SSS, then take my motor boat across the river to it's mooring.

06:00 Start Getting the rescue boats out

07:00 Have a coffee, finish getting the rescue boats out.

08:00 Timed the canon firing, helped  put the flags up.

08:15 Put The Buoys out.

09:00 Have bacon butties and a coffee.

09:20 out on rescue boat duty for the start of racing at 09:25

12:00 return to club house for lunch, Salad and something normally.

13:30 out ready for the afternoon series of races.

18:00 remove buoys from river, fetch motorboat from pens, to the front of the clubhouse.

19:00 go to evening doo... ( after going to the Chinese most days)

11:00 go to sleep on board on my motor boat. (sometimes earlier)


Rescue boat Duty events, that I was involved in (with a varying crew throughout the week)

Spent most of the time waving a board saying "racing ahead" one side and "Hug the Bank" on the other. I'll make a more professional sign for next year that will say " Hug the Bank Please"

 99% of the non competing craft were good, half a dozen  boats Idea of Hugging the bank was to be 10 to 20ft off of it,  One, Private with large tattooed man, Went cruising down the middle Shouting I am on the right hand side of the river and causing chaos.

Rescued 1 Topper dinghy, (too tired to carry on after falling in a lot)

Stood by several other dinghies as they sorted themselves out after capsizing /  or stuffing themselves into the reeds.

Rescued, 3 ladies in a hire canoe, along with one son, in another canoe, paddling down from Salhouse in 40MPH winds with the tide on Thursday is a bit easier than trying to paddle back. Towed them All back to Salhouse as racing had been abandoned.

****We were picking up the buoys when...

Dodged, "Belle of the Broads" (Broads Tours Double decker) as she came to Moor at Horning Sailing Club, in a hurry. Medical emergency on board, Medically trained members of the club went on board to help, (we have both Doctors and Paramedics as members) Ambulance crew arrived shortly after.

 Meanwhile a Richardsons Bathtub avoiding the chaos, drifted onto some sailing boats moored on the Swan Green. While the owners of the sailing boats were busy fending them off, I approached to see if they wanted a tow off... they refused!!

 After a minute of trying to go forward and trying to turn, while a 40MPH side wind coming down the straight was holding them on they gave in and I towed them off, before they would have disappeared down the dyke by the Swan Green..****


Found a big sharp nosed Broads hire cruiser nose to the bank unable (with their skill) to get it parallel, a bunch of sailing boats was approaching in a somewhat narrowed river. Pushed the stern round with the dory, till they could get the aft mooring rope ashore.


Events I was Not involved in.

One Yeoman Squashed onto the bank by the bows of a hire cruiser, Lady on board need Dental treatment as her face got hit (she is OK now) the Yeoman Needed repairs.

One White boat Helm found himself lying in his cockpit looking at the bows of a Day boat above him, as it tried to mount the White boat....The white boat will need repairs.




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Awoke this morning (Always a bonus is that) to a decent down pour, not a monsoon but heavy rain all the same.  It is now a shade after 2030 and it's still bucketing it down and has not stopped for a breath all day.  It is forecast to carry on till tomorrow morning too.  I need it dry for Sunday (The forecast says it will be) as I have to assist with putting 250 young game birds in their pens / runs and then take a mate Clay shooting who hasn't done it before.

I see Norfolk/Suffolk today have had proper heavy rain with thunderstorms and the like with more forecast for tomorrow.  Hope it's not too bad for those souls on their only annual holiday


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Yesterday it was a bit more than heavy rain in Hoveton, there was a huge cloudburst, rain an inch deep was running down the roads, the railway underbridge at Hoveton and Wroxham station was flooded and a white two door Mercedes broke down in the middle of the road having just driven through it, it was about a foot deep on the shallow side.

It's now bucketing down again this morning..

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I've been misbehaving again :default_icon_e_surprised:  The village does an annual scarecrow thing as many villages do.  Our local shop has one outside (Made by my MrsG as she works there)  Inside you can pay 50p (Monies going to the NSPCC apparently) a go to give said scarecrow a name.  It'll be drawn sometime soon.  Well I've been having a ball with this one, spent about a fiver to date that's ten goes.  One I put was 'MrsG' but my really naughty one was  -  'Biggus Dickus'   Lets see them give it that name if it gets pulled out :default_norty:

Then in our local chip shop (Owned by a mate) one of the girly staff behind the counter addressed the queue - 'Anyone want owt cooking'?   Me - 'Nope, we'll all eat it raw' - Nearly got barred for that one :default_rofl:





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Yesterday was Broadland Model Railway Club's Second Open day at Stalham town hall.

15:30 Saturday set off for BMRC at Catfield (ask me for details should anyone wish to visit)

16:00 start loading up about ten cars and my landrover.

16:45  ish set off in convoy..

17:00 Enter hall,  puzzle how to get all the electrics on, unload cars place layouts into piles in designated places round the hall.

18:00 layouts assembled, some tested.

18:30 Sorting finished,  depart for home via BMRC for forgotten things

There were several layouts completed, one nearly finished, one track down scenics just started,  one track still being laid.



05:00 wake up, get up, SSS,

07:00 breakfast

08:00 set off for Stalham Town Hall

08:15 Arrive at S.T.H.

08:30 we are in, Put up banner and notices inside  and outside the hall.

09:30 All members have arrived, bringing with them their rolling stock boxes,  and have started final testing read for the day.

09:45, tea and coffee for everyone

10:00 open the doors...

10:00 -16:00 Since my layout isn't being shown this year, my particular role is a spare hand wandering around, assisting should anyone need it.

16:00 we've had nearly 100 visitors, and half a dozen asked for details of how to visit the club with a view to joining. Getting new members was the whole idea for having this open day each year.

16:45 by this time, we've packed up into all the cars, I leave with one of the first of the loads.

17:00 At BMRC, unloading the club layouts into their positions inside the club rooms, except for one which is off to a show next week. Most Members layouts stay in their cars for transport home.

17:15 head for home.

Club layouts will be assembled as members come in to visit the club. For which we all have keys for and  the club house is available all the time.


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I've been working at 'New Bodies' Gym again in Donny.  This time yet another remedial floor repair around a shower trough in the gents changing room.  As you can imagine there are some very impressive sculptured bodies on display (Gracie would be swooning).  Anyroadup, it's proper warm in said changing rooms.  I turned to address about five chaps in various states of undress and declared:-

'Look chaps, it's rate warm in here sithee, so I am going to have to remove my fleece and go down to a T shirt, I realise doing this will give you lot a huge inferiority complex but you will just have to live with it'

Plenty of guffaws all round with one cheeky so and so telling me he would take me round to the local cafe for a good feed and another one saying he would pay for a full years membership for me!  Just what do they mean?


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My day started at the Brentwood 5km Parkrun with the dog. First time at Brentwood and I will sum it as muddy and hilly!! 29mins not too bad given the conditions.

Then Home to bath the now muddy dog and then out with the clippers. Saved £30 :-)

Mowed the lawn, washed the car and tided up the garage ready for the extension build.

Hoping tomorrow is more relaxful!

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My day today was spent at a local fishing lake with my family where I managed to bag a carp of 12 pounds, it was kind of special as it was the first proper full days fishing I've had in a long time. It rained, in fact it poured on occasion but I've got one of those brollies with zip on sides and snug as a bug in a rug I was. We had a little fishing competition where, of course, I won but didn't tell the boys so they won on small bream and roach which, even though they managed to catch quite a few it was no where near my one fish but I won't tell them that. We had some giggles and some of the best fun I've had in a long time, even though my pink wellies were covered in mud, the grips not too good on them either judging by the way I was sliding downhill all the way to the loo's :default_rolleyes: to much amusement by some fisherman who thought it was incredibly funny,  they had all that fancy carp gear with bite alarms and every possible gadget known to man for catching that elusive monster carp and I go and land my twelve pounder, that wiped the smiles off their faces I can tell you :default_norty:

Our next big adventure is planning a boating holiday next year, ruddy hell I can't wait, I'm having palpitations at the thought of it

Back to the 12 pound carp, not a monster some of you might say but landing it on a float rod and light tackle is no mean feat, prancing around like the bees knees I was, or sliding more like

Now then, for the serious stuff, where did you say that gym was again Griff? :default_norty:



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Dave, I kid you not, I fell over backwards walking across a field in heels once, it was one of those outside weddings in the country, it will stay with me for the rest of my days and I only had one glass of champagne, im indoors said I resembled Patsy out of Absolutely Fabulous :facepalm:(but younger of course :default_norty:)


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46 minutes ago, Gracie said:

........  they had all that fancy carp gear with bite alarms and every possible gadget known to man....


I could write a book about stuff like that. (alright, not a book, but a small pamphlet.)

I went to the airport today, picked up my daughter, SiL and grandson. Apparently he has been a PITA all week. Karma. :default_biggrin:

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