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1 hour ago, WherryNice said:

Good vans those Transit Customs, a couple of years ago I spent 10 days or so driving a base model one in support of a Lands End to John O Groats cycle ride - bascially spent 10 hours a day in it - very comfy, really nice to drive with a great gear shift and I found the cab had some really nifty storage solutions too!

Now how reliable they are I have no clue...

We’ve run transits and vivaro vans for years now. The newest 2.0 transit with adblue has given problems but the 2.2 I think was pretty good. The new vivaros have been so far faultless and ridiculously comfortable and refined but age will kill them before the Transits due to the cheaper materials. 

If I was buying nearly new to keep a few years I would go Vivaro, if I was planning to make the thing last I would go transit, haven’t seen any rust on the new gen transit yet, which was a nightmare on the old ones. 

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3 hours ago, grendel said:

I wondered why she wasnt on hire this last week, sprucing the old girl up ready for the wooden boat show i guess.

Once you are on board Peter I will tell you what their plan B was (in case she wasn't ready).

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Ok so Jayne (the original one) is out of the water, and I have been given Jayne 2 for her maiden voyage, she was craned back in this morning, when I arrived they were still installing fittings and they were still snagging as I loaded the boat. While I was waiting I took the dinghy up the river, what a cantankerous craft, then the outboard stalled right opposite candle dyke. I went to the back to start it, this was a mistake as I now only have a couple of inches freeboard, the motor started perfectly, unfortunately pointing sideways, a quick 180 and the transom went under, she went down outboard first all the way to the bottom, I was now swimming.at first I tried to tow the boat to the bank, no dice so I left it and got me to the bank using 2 oars as flotation, eventually getting out with some assistance at a slipway bto one of the cottages, with some help from a couple of gents at the cottages, one then got his dinghy and went looking for the wheels I had used for moving the dinghy. No luck, we also spotted that somewhere in all this the bottom seam had come open and was leaking, so it's sitting on the roof of the car waiting to hear home, my phone is dead, and the contents of my wallet are spread out to dry.

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4 hours ago, NorfolkNog said:

Do I take it that there is a degree of correlation between two of our current threads?    :default_biggrin:

You can add a third thread if you like. A thread I started regarding a bridge and the reason for getting the boat through...

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