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I have kept my boat in the water for some out of season cruising. I have shore power running heaters and a dehumidifier.

However, thinking on the safe side I have turned off the power to everything else. I am now wondering if I should leave the battery charger running also?

You comments would be appreciated.



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Not exactly the same as were caravanners, but if we leave our leisure battery to its own devices without any top up charge, its protection device will fuse the system as soon as the level of charge drops below around 11amps as a precaution to totally flattening the battery and causing damage to it. Some people use a solar panel charger to overcome this problem, others use EHU(Shore power) or remove the battery periodically for an overnight charge up at home :)

The thing that sticks in my mind thats different for a boat is the need for power to keep the bilge pump running whilst its moored up for the winter. We also run a dawn till dusk 12v light to keep some power flow going through the battery to prevent any overcharging as ours is on EHU 24/7 throughout the winter lay up when no split charge power is available from cruising/towing.

Julia :wave

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As my boat is out of the water for the winter, both batteries are back home in my garage, and will be given a 'top-up' charge if necessary.

If lead acid batteries are left in too low a charge condition, the plates will sulphate, and knacker the battery, but then you probably knew that anyway :)


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Yes, leave it on Wayne. As has been said, the charger will just provide a float to the battery to keep it topped up, ensuring your bilge pump will have power. Also, fully charged batteries are much less likely to freeze than discharged ones.

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