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Never Ending Story

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4 minutes ago, Malanka said:

 Kids? And Boat? Both worth it!!! ❤️ 

Add in grandchildren and it makes a boat  seem cheap :default_biggrin:

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Woo hoo Malanka is FLOATING.!!!!!!! She looks great too. B7D548F9-2101-4D5A-ADF0-33ACF80F284F.thumb.jpeg.09af984e2d7874f6ea855fd5d9f24068.jpegAC87B601-08A3-4532-8B52-0CA68FD75223.thumb.jpeg.c0e3b114458c6b49491781b4eddc2e57.jpeg

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She looks great too. 

Of course she does, she always does too :default_beerchug:

Mind you, sadly she does not always look pristine after a while in the ever increasing leaky wet shed prior to Simpsons taking her round to their place before to you board


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She is going under their wet shed for a couple more weeks while the interior woodwork ( soft patch) and window replacement and a little varnishing is completed. 

Job front is progressing. Fingers still crossed I could be back in UK before Easter.  If I am the nightmare of the tax men will be upon me. 

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54 minutes ago, Malanka said:

If I am the nightmare of the tax men will be upon me. 


54 minutes ago, Malanka said:

Oh and the new cooker too. 

Is "Cooker evasion" an offence?

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No it’s just we will be transiting between uk and ch tax systems and the two of them don’t get on that well. Basically the uk does what it likes,  right legally or not, then makes you claim money back they take without cause. Im so looking forward to that. 


A very good friend of mine and ex mentor who recently retired back to the uk after 12 years in Switzerland is still having no end of issues after he went back last January. The uk insisting he needs to pay income tax on a tax rebate which in CH is given the end of the following tax year. Tax on taxed money go HMRC our best and brightest . Not 

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HMRC, only contact them by phone and insist on a name and spelling of said name, DO not email.

If you insist on the correct name spelling and the name of their supervisor it becomes their problem to sort!

NOT the systems.

The cost of waiting on the phone by far is better than banging your head against a brick wall!

Treat them like USA customs, they are programmed to have no sense of humour.



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Excellent advice which I will be following. The department of no sense of humour ( homeland security) and I got on quite well in the end. The agents in San Diego and I were on first name terms ( them to me not other way round) I always find asking any public servant for their name and the name of their immediate supervisor helps focus their efforts especially as they record all calls too. When my mother was being treated appallingly in Broomfield Hospital just before she died and they lost hearing aids wedding rings jewelry you name it, it certainly worked on the medics I spoke with. 

Amazing what the implied threat of someone who doesn’t accept their claptrap does to their sphincters I must say. 

Anyway great advice and I will take it thanks 


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OK so the next stage of the work has commenced with a new window being fitted on the starboard side to replace a monstrous bodge from many, many years ago (pre our custodianship) which was a plastic window! Yes I know plastic windows god forbid have a sit down to recover.

Phils men have made two changes. The window now opens and is glass. He has filled in p[art of it with some nice varnished wood pieces and made it look really great.


I always disliked this window and it perennially leaked which lead to a soft patch inside which has also been dealt with.




Phil also reports that Malanka has been floating by herself for five days now, is still dry inside and has not bilged once since the work was completed and she took up. Immediately before the work she was doing the emptying thing every four to six hours or so and since we have had her has never lasted more than two days without the pump being activated. So this is remarkable for us and very welcome, she now has three bilge pumps and is dry, just what the doctor ordered.




OK now to the galley work.

The plan was sweeping new work top, inset hob, with grill under and a bigger oven (two shelves instead of one) so no worries there I hear you say..


The pics that follow are the progress so far with the carcass of the beast being modeled before finishing and varnishing, I think the brief has been well and truly met and I can't wait to see the finished article!  What do you think?

Galley hole


New cooker and hob


New worktop arrangement


Hob top lifted



So this is work so far and we are really pleased with it.

The new arrangement has no little nooks or crannies where bits of veg or peelings or crumbs can fall down into areas where you cant get em. Fridge will be boxed in obviously.

See you all soon.


Martin and Fiona

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So here are the final pictures from last years maintenance that turned into a saga.

No job yet but still working on it, but here is something to cheer us all up.

The pictures are two angles for the new galley and the new window from inside showing the new window and underneath that the plank well fitted in and varnished to match already existing wood, great job Roger.


View from the stern well:


View from the saloon:



New window and new internal planking:


I hope you will all agree that the guys have done a magnificent job.

We will be (me and Fiona no doggies unless Brexit rules sorted for pets) out for Easter, a few days before, then Easter, hopefully with Charlie Dolphin (if anyone wishes to say hello), then a few days after depending on the weather. If it's glorious we will stay longer, if rubbish we back on the Harwich ferry pronto like.


We look forward to seeing you all out on the river and thank you all for following the continuing restoration of our old lady.

I really do hope Clive can do something with the roof over us in the wet shed after all this expense. To watch it dripped on and the new canopies discoloured will be a PITB to say the least.

Hopefully this year we can forgo the major hull dents too...lol. Malanka's poor port and starboard bows, starboard side and transom took some battering last year, almost exclusively from boats with bow thrusters and also stern thrusters. This year we hope for less. We hope not to be broken into as well, oh and less sinking would be good too.

Without a job I will have more time for Malanka tales and so will write them up in 2019, until work drags me away.


Best Wishes to everyone except southern Jessie Drascomb sheet danglers....Go northern monkeys go......lol


More later



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