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Rattatouille Leftovers Again!


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Well, as usual I have cooked a bit too much ratatouille for my meal a couple of days ago. I had it with a rather large butcher's home made ****** that I bought when I was looking for some decent black pudding for our Maurice Minor. I froze the faggots for later use. Bargain! six cricket ball sized faggots for £1. 99.

I only ate half the ****** as there were other veggies (Cyprus potatoes boiled in their skins) on the plate and I have a small appetite.

Result: I layered the leftover ratatouille mixed with the chopped up ****** with par boiled lasagne, covered it with a cheese sauce and sprinkled it with grated cheese.

At the time of writing it is in my oven cooking for my tea. If you have a cooker on the boat this is a very easy meal to make. Incidentally, when making the ratatouille  I added a vegetable stock cube and it really made a difference.

Try it, you may like it. On the other hand, if you have a family like mine who think my taste in food is weird you may not.     

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The meat product I mentioned is an old fashioned mixture of offal. Unfortunately the name has been starred by the forum system out as it may be probably offensive to some members of the community. Please note, no offence is intended, this is an old fashioned name that has been turned into something derogatory to a section of our community who are perfectly entitled to pursue their life as they want in this free country, and long may it be so for anybody wishing to lead a law abiding life whatever their race, creed, colour or sexuality.

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I was amazed when I found them but then again they are traditional butchers. I have tried the frozen "Mr Brain's" product but I found them a bit soft but still delicious.

These home made ones from the butchers are much firmer and rustic, nicely spiced and totally delicious, especially served with a lovely home made onion gravy.

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Congratuloders to Thingamybobulator on the photolopper of his cookage. Be I bold to give recipale I found on internicker for Beef and Unwin in basic Engly Twenty-fido for all the peeploders to take much joy in the kitchy and find very tastymost on the tongue?


Preparey takes less than halfy-hourloder.
Cookage throo or four hour, or even during the day while you're out at work. Oh yes.


Cheaply cut of Beefer (braisey or skirtloder), all diceymost. About 2 centimeles.
Tinily Carrot, Mushgobber and Oniole or Shallotter.
Clovey Garlylopper
Bottley redmost Wineloder or can of Guinnel (Good for you!)
Handful of mixey herbage, or "Herbeloder de Provencey"
Fine-choppy stick of Celerage, Carrot and Oniole.
Olivey-oil (Extra vergey!)

Warmy ovenage to 150 degroos Centigrale. 
Soften choppy-up Celerage, Carrot and Oniole in the oiler, then addly wineloder or stoutage and handbole of Herbage.  Simmery 10 minuteloder.
Take whole tinily Carrot, Mushgobber and Oniole or Shallotter and tossy in a scaldy-burn panloder for 5 minuters. Chuck in a casseroler.
Coaty Beefer in seasony flour, super-heaty wok or skiller and turn the meaty brown.
Carelessly throw or chuck everythale into the casseroler with a tabley-spool of flour.  Mixy and bung in oveny.
Throoty minuey before servage, add exactful one blob (preciseloders!) of Tomatey-purile and stir.

Delishymost with crusty loafer or mashly tatoles.  Deep joy!

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