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I have, for some months now, been curious about posts that have been "liked" and have wondered about the order the likes are displayed.

They are not in time date order, nor are they in alphabetical order. What order are they in please? I just wondered. 

Perhaps if loads of you "liked" this post I might be able to work it out. :) 

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Ok, Now I'm really confused, I checked a post that had 15 likes. I wrote a list of the order of likes. When I went to re-check a detail, the names were in a different order. Computers are logical, to make a computer do something random is very difficult. How does this list work???????

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Dear Professor Mynah. It has come to the attention of the Oompa Loompas in the Broads Authority planning crypt that you have constructed something with no less than fifteen posts without filling in the correct planning application. Nor have you conducted a bat survey, sent a bribe or carried out a weasel feasibility study. Did we mention the bribe?

We hereby notify you of our intention to handle this matter with the severest incompetence,allowing the matter to drag on in the courts at a significant cost to the tax and toll payer, make ourselves look like complete amateurs, did we mention the bribe, and hopefully bring the Authority into disrepute...erm bring this matter to a close in the longest possible time, we must have mentioned the bribe...better do it now...bribe...there we have mentioned it...I mean what's it take to get the odd case of chablis once in a Blue Nun? Eh what? Oh yes...we look forward to receiving your retrospective planning application which we have already retrospectively denied. The cheek of it, anyone would think you live here...you don't do you? Live here? Did we mention the bribe?

Yours sincerely

Oompa Loompa
Planning Crypt
Yarrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhh! House.

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