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Royal Tudor Expeditionary Force


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If you are in trouble...and you can find him...maybe you can buy a pint for...TIMBO!

That's right folks...Timbo will be off line from Saturday, unless I can get a signal, as it's time to 'get my finger out', as Uncle Albert would have put it and Doug did put it, and finish Royal Tudor!

The Royal Tudor Expeditionary Force will be setting off early Saturday morning for deepest, darkest Norfolk to meet up with Doug to receive a crash course on what I will be doing for the few days.

I will be joined by my sidekick Watson from Sunday to Tuesday. Watson is my future brother in law Steve. Christened as 'Watson' to my 'Dr' by the good folks at the Wayford Inn (our base of operations). The nickname has stuck, not only with me but his Dad as well! :naughty: 'Watson' spent several weeks helping out with Royal Tudor last year and has caught the boating bug...the wooden boating bug. So once RT is completed I think we may well be starting all over again with another boat! I'm coaxing Watson to join the forum!

I will be armed to the teeth with cameras, lenses, lights and microphones to capture some footage of my labours. Which brings me onto another bit of news.

The Boat's LOG YouTube channel will be relaunching in the very near future. After wrestling for the last couple of weeks trying to narrow down my content I thought '... this for a game of soldiers' and gave up trying to limit my content and as a consequence my interests. I just couldn't do it. So the channel will cover the landscape, history, archaeology, wildlife, fishing, art, cartography, people and above all the boats...usually a particular wooden one and her restoration, of The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads.  A big part of this will be the challenge of me learning woodwork skills and applying them not only on Royal Tudor but on various projects, more often than not boat related, back at home. 

I'm trying to get at least three episodes in front and release them fortnightly, accompanied by a written blog, that will contain much more detail, across on my website. Still quite a bit of work to do...but I'm almost there!


So if you are near Wayford Bridge from next Saturday to next Tuesday I'll be propping up the bar!

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Sounds great to me, sign me up!

If I was onboard this weekend I would definitely pop round and see (Annoy) you, however I am due to be driving up to Lambton (Near Chester Le Street) for a days driven clay shooting this Saturday, (We have entered two teams of four, 'My' team is christened 'Griffs Growlers'   :blush:).  

Sunday it is roof tile and gutter cleaning for me.  Wishing you all the best with your endeavours on Royal Tudor during your visit


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Now Griff... I could always shout 'bang' every now and then. Not that the beagles make good gun dogs. One of the reasons I want to fit a loud horn to RT is to see how high Dylan will really jump when we approach tunnels. 

There are a couple of boxes with Mikuni written on them!  :naughty:

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2 hours ago, grendel said:

surely a still camera would be enough to capture you working Tim (Doug on the other hand would be just a blur). :-) 

You are not wrong there G! Last time Watson was down with us he started drawing up some plans and a method of extracting a bulkhead. Every now and again Doug would pop his head round the stern to ask where I'd put various tools. Watson finished drawing up his plans and walked to the stern to start removing some of the screws holding the bulkhead in place to find...Doug had removed the old one, cut the new one, undercoated the edges and was just about to fit it!

I on the other hand...make good coffee! :)

2 hours ago, Wildfuzz said:

Methinks a swifty at the Wayford may be in order cheers

Yes indeed...a couple of swifties...or four!

Oh add to the list a nice plank of spalted ash Stuart, about an inch and a quarter thick about four inch wide and 8' long. I'll shove it in the car with the rest!

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