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Views On New Fair Entrepreneur


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It looks very nice at first glance, I'd be interested to look aboard.

The NBD fly bridge looks don't do a lot for me if I'm honest, I don't think they're pleasing on the eye and there are a several classes that look very similar so all much of a muchness. I'd forgive them that if the interior is worth it but at £2385 in peak season it's priced high even for a luxury boat. 

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I've always liked these boats - just on their sheer scale as they cruise towards you - sadly their rear end as they cruise away has a lot to be desired.

It is clear to me that what Faircraft Loynes are doing is trying to make some of the most spacious and 'compromise free' cruisers, but that is not to say the most luxurious.  You can see where the budget has been spent and where to most it has the 'wow factor' but to me I see differently. I'd love to hire her mind but here is my views.

I bet the seating is not leather, not only is that expensive for a decent grade, there are many now questioning the use of animal skin as a material in car seating, so with a hire business if you can use some faux leather (which itself has come on in leaps and bounds) all the better. The issue is on a cold morning it will feel awfully cold, and on a hot summers day returning to the boat - hot and sticky.  A decent fabric would have been better, but this seating being a type of vinyl is at least easy to wipe down and looks good.

The windows - they are still using old Aluminum framed windows - even if powder coated in black - no bonded windows here, this makes them easier and cheaper to put in but makes the boat - especially internally - not look as modern and sleek as other builders.

The bulkhead laminates and elsewhere appear to be a light Oak or perhaps Beach wood.  The fact there is so much of this on show and no contrasting with other woods is cheaper, but it also means a less luxurious feel, along with some old fashion shapes - where they could have used curves they have gone for right angle cuts - such as the partition between seating and the galley and hob back.

A bit of Ikea arrives in the gloss white and plum doors on the unit the TV sits on - to me it looks a bit out of place just as the steps to the right of it are edged in old Aluminum with an Aluminum kick place, yet the stair supports are polished Stainless Steel.  Come on get some polishing paste and a buffer out - the Aluminum can be made to shine as rich as the Stainless.

The master cabin at the rear is well thought out and does look very welcoming and luxurious -yet you just know there is some style missing, something is not quite there compared to say a Broom fit out - maybe it is just the colours and materials used, but this would not have cost much more to have been outstanding - why, for example use good old cream vinyl on the cabin sides? There are so many textures and colours one can choose from now. The TV freestanding? No that needs a wall mount and be larger, where is some fancy gadgets too - this is super premium boating, at great cost but you can't stream your music from your smartphone for example. 

They need to take an away day to London, visit a few 5 star hotels, take some photos of the materials used in the rooms and things offered for guests, come back to Norfolk have a sit down and compress some of it into a boat and lavish the customers - at less costs than they may think but would make all the difference. I mean come on single white plastic surface mount power sockets! Where are the brushed satin flush mount ones - with integrated USB chargers this is so Norfolk in the smaller details.

The forward cabin looks low and cramped - I can see they have not gone to town here with anything special, I bet you those LED's are cold white and clinical, and why use that design when things have moved on with COB LED fitments. If ever there was a place for colour washing cabin sides and floors with discreet LED lighting this was it, and people lap it up like it is something never seen before, I am note sure why but even I like it on Brinks Serenade of an evening bathing the floor in this light just looks nice and down the curtain sides when closed makes things seem a little more cosy.

Cluttered helm - looks nice for those who like there switches but to a new hirer may be a bit overwhelming - and remember this boat is just a large, standard boat.  Normal engine, shaft drive, 12v and an inverter. Basically it looks good and offers great space for a family of 4, or perhaps two couples so long as one is ok with the smaller forward cabin. Is it groundbreaking or especially luxurious though, to my mind no - it feels like a luxury hire boat, when others are headed out to try and make boats for hire the same as a premium priced private craft and remember this boat will cost you £2,525 all in for a week in August. Ouch.



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I can't deny that she has all the home comforts but I'm increasingly finding that most of the newer built boats with all the yards are becoming more floating luxury mobile homes and less like a boat , we've been hiring for 30+ years and often used to go for the newest offering , and more often and not from Faircraft at Wroxham .

To us the last of the true boats (as opposed to mobile home) we hired from them was the Haines flybridge Fair Aristocat which we spent 3 separate weeks on a fantastic boat.

we also hired Fair Diplomat on 6 occasions and we loved her too , again a true boat.

we had a look aboard Richardsons new offerings , Broadsman style and IMHO although extremely well equipped and most comfortable there was little or no character to us.

our last few hirings have been from Brooms with their Cadet class boats and they are very comfortable , smaller yes but fitted out as a boat should be (to us)

as mentioned in another thread we hope to shortly be joining the broke and bankrupt club of boat owners and the first box we needed ticking was "does she have character and feel loved" some may find that strange but it was honestly number one on our check list when viewing 

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After visiting norfolk broads direct boat yard yesterday we had a good look round number 1. 

I loved it and looked alot more fab than commodore. Has a lot bigger salloon and just is such a nice lay out. I liked the hole design. If i had a choice of the two i would choose Fair Entrepreneur over commodore. 

Back bedroom is really big and the front bedroom is not that low and cramped with the 2 single beds pushed together. Has alot of handy handels to get on and off the boat, good for the mrs as doesnt like heights. But she liked and felt more secure than she did on commodore. 

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