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The Boats Log Royal Tudor On Film

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You asked for it...well some of you asked for it...and some of you deserve it but finally we have it...Cecil B eat your heart out! A fifteen minute epic on the restoration of my boat Royal Tudor. Featuring an idiot, a bloke that knows what he's doing, a Beagle and a boat!


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Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement. A big thank you to Doug for his support, encouragement, teaching and above all his patience. A debt to Robin for his mentoring over the past few weeks as I drifted between frustration and despair.

There were about six hours of out-takes by the time I'd finished. My other half Ellie eventually told me to be myself which got the job done and explains the odd expletive (a side effect of my strokes) that may have escaped. Melt the Oscar down so I can buy a new bog for the boat?

The plan is that the videos drive forward the restoration and vice versa. I'm already shooting the 'B roll' for Episode Two. The main difficulty is learning and doing the woodwork and setting up the shots while you are doing it.

It's not going to be all woodworking however. I'm in the process of setting up a few interviews as well as indulging myself in a spot of landscape archaeology, history, angling and art.

I'm trying to get a couple of weeks in front of myself with the video's so there is always a video that can be uploaded if I hit a snag or need a break. The idea is to upload a video every week, releasing it midweek...cos we're all going to be boating at the weekend aren't we? So Episode Two will be released some time Thursday 11th May in the afternoon.

Right...23:30pm and I'm off to see if the glue has cured! Thanks again everyone for the support!

Oh! Did I mention the NBN? 

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