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Using my own dinghy behind a hireboat?

Guest jamesbagnall

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Evenin' all.

Maybe a silly question....

I've finally booked my summer boating trip on the broads with a very nice AF38 from a well known local yard. First 'proper' broads holiday for three years.

However, I'm going to bring my own little 10ft rib dinghy with me. I'm going to use it under 'man power' (oars!) only, but wonder if this would cause any insurance issues with the hire yard if I tow it behind the boat? Alternatively, I could simply tie it onto the roof, and I assume as long as no damage is caused to the hire cruiser, the yard won't mind?

Finally, for you tolls experts out there, I assume that I can buy a short term toll for it for less than a tenner based on the toll sheet on the BA website at:

http://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/boat ... tolls.html (row boats tarrif)

Best wishes,


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Hi James,

I cant think of any yard who would mind you brining your own boat, I am not sure any would be too happy to see it on their cabin roof! I know some yards dont allow bicycles on their boats, (we stopped hireing them because of the pedals scratching) and this is a similar thing I suppose.

Best check with the yard though as I assume you will want to leave a trailer with them too?

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I dont really know the answer, but definately wouldn't advise the tie to roof option. I reckon it'd be too easy to damage the AF38 (unforgiveable at any time) if it moved about or getting it on and off which would not be overly easy, and I suspect your crew may be less enthusiastic to help with the task than you would be! :grin:


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Certainly ,toll wise a short term visitors will do the trick,we have taken various dinghies with us in the past using them :Sailing .But I think it would be wise to check with the yard who I am sure will find it no problem , as you dont want a problem when you turn up on the day. cheersbar

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Just a quick thought,

Not about tolls or having your own dinghy,

but if you put it on the roof, and that sounds like a no-no realy, don't forget the bridge heights.

better to tie it behind, but then again, don't forget when trying to reverse park*.

* See I am getting better at boaty speak.


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Wow, now that is some quick responses!!

Yes, I think towing her behind is the best option then - I'll check with the yard - oh hang on a minute - Clive, would it be OK to tow a dinghy behind the booking I've made with you (Sovereign 19th June)? :) Have you thought about fitting davits to all your boats? :lol:

I already asked the (superb) booking team if it would be OK to leave a trailer (small) in the yard, and they said that should be fine, although I must admit I didn't mention that it was a small boat trailer.

I promise I won't scratch the roof either.... :lol:

In terms of the tolls, thanks for the reassurance about bringing boats in the past Boaters - that's good news! Having been used to using my boats on Crown and private waterways recently where a licence isn't required, this whole toll thing is a bit of a shocker!

Best wishes,


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We, too, are hiring with Richardsons (three weeks in October) and asked about bringing our sailing dinghy along (we have done this with other yards in the past). I presume you have insurance so you will only have to pay the visitor toll, which, by the way, I think is a rip off!

We have £2,000,000 indemnity cover with our dinghy, although it's hard to imagine how we could do THAT much damage, even if we hit Clive's new baby (the BOAT, I hasten to add, not the human one!)

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