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British Pathe Historic Broads Films


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Hi all

The British Pathe newsreels were a familiar fixture in cinemas during the early 20th century ... in fact they continued producing newsreels until 1970 apparently. Anyway, for those who may not know they have an online archive of historic clips and news articles which are available to view online. Amongst them are some wondeful films of the Broads from the 1930s - 1960s. Clips on sailing, motor boat racing at Oulton, news items from the 60s on Windboats and the Flat-a-Floats.... etc etc. The link below should take you to the search on "Norfolk Broads" - if it doesn't work then just type Norfolk Broads into the search box at the top of the Pathe website page. Some films are silent but many have Mr Chumley Warner style commentaries ..... all great stuff!


In theory I should be able to embed videos on here in the same way that you can do with You Tube .... but can't fathom out how to do so on here ..... help ??

In the meantime as an example of what they have- this is motor racing with sound at Oulton Broad in 1930:


I think this should be retitled "Mind Your Wash" .... from 1933 :o


One for Clive and Terry .... bear with this film from 1970 as it eventually gets in to Salhouse and Wroxham and there are a good few ricko's boats including at least one Broadsventure. It is supposed to have sound but is largely silent except towards the end where it seems to have been given a random interview with what sounds like Ian Paisley!


And this is just a charming little time piece.... the Flat-A-Floats from 1960:


Do check through what else they have as there is some fascinating stuff. And if anyone can tell me how to embed the video thumbnails on here I would be grateful! :oops:


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cheers Carol,

There are some fantastic shots there, isnt it frustrating that just when I thought my boat was coming into view they started filming a swimmer :lol:

Looks like I will be ignoring my family in favour of the laptop again this weekend :lol:

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What can I say Carol.... :clap

Yet another super collection of 'archive' footage...so 'Many' thanks from me for finding and uploading for us all to enjoy...

Just love the B/W film and amazing to see the area in movie mode going back to the 30's...Superb

Favourite has to be the footage of the 'Windmill Girls' on board George Smith's 'Sparkle 1'...after the Ricko's 42' 'Broadsventure/Broadlander' scenes at Salhouse of course... ;)

cheers for now


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cheers Carol,

I really enjoyed the film from the '70s with the Broadsventure's etc in. Interesting how the Elysian looks amongst the most modern in the film, though I guess it must be at least mid 70s by the inclusion of a couple of Buccaneers 37's (which only came out in '73).



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Glad that you have all found the films of interest ... there really are some fabulous film clips on the Pathe site and not just of the Broads. Type your home town, or any subject into the search bar and you may come up with more fascinating stuff! I have wasted an entire Sunday afternoon watching some great newsreels of the swinging 60s/ carnaby street etc ! :lol: And Kev was chuffed to find a film of the Burns guitar factory at Romford from the 60s. There were also some interesting films of Jim Clarke and Graham Hill racing at Snetterton.

Terry .... what can I say about the Windmill girls film .... very much of it's time wasn't it? :naughty:

I also had a search for other Norfolk related films this afternoon and came across some interesting footage from 1914. I have had a copy of an old postcard of a captured WW1 German U-Boat at Great Yarmouth, but there is actually some footage of the U-Boats arriving at GY ..... it's not the greatest quality but interesting none the less:


Below is the postcard that I have.



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Oh Carol...It certainly was of it's time... :cool::cool:

'Beautiful Girls...Beautiful Boats...The Beautiful Broads...A job at Ricko's...and not forgetting 'mini skirts' :naughty: ... :dance

Now wake up Terence...and get back to 2010

The films are really something and 3 'Richardson 42 footers' in one scene :love ...Thanks Carol


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