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Wiley Nautical Almanac

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Has been updated and quite a useful product on your PC

The Wiley Nautical Almanac is a free, comprehensive directory of harbour, tidal and weather data for cruising sailors.

Tides for 2010

Animated tidal stream coverage has also been extended and you can now see tidal information for the English Channel, Channel Islands, Portland, Start Point, Solent,

Scotland, Ireland Celtic and the East Coast

Improvements to the weather display

Printable weather forecasts and tide tables

New look for the facilities and shop

Upgrading to Version 1.13: If you are already using the Almanac, these updates will be automatically installed onto your computer. If you have not yet installed the free Wiley Nautical Almanac you can download it today from http://www.wileyalmanac.com

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have you decided to go the PC route then Mark?

We tried it but found just when you needed the info the laptop would crash. Did look good stuff though and I know Jonathan manages to use it without problem.

The other issue we had was space at the helm and the fact that the laptop didn't like staying still in the chop.


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have you decided to go the PC route then Mark?

Only for the time being Ian. £60 was a lot easier to find than the several hundreds for a proper plotter. I figure with the laptop (assuming it survives the ride), the second-hand etrex, paper charts and a bearing compass, I should be able to find where I am and where I need to go. The plotter will be further down the list underneath a repaired canopy and heating! :grin:

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My Imray chart plotting software and digital charts turned up today too so I'm all GPS'd up!

I haven't used the Imray digital offerings, as I have a Garmin, but watch out for the fact that digital maps may not be totally up-to-date. It is definitely worth keeping your paper charts current from the Notices to Mariners and then comparing them with the digital charts before relying on the GPS plotter. The latest region of Garmin charts that I bought were based on charts from 2008, and these pesky wind-farms keep appearing everywhere...

Charts for UK waters are getting better these days but I have had some fantastic errors on my Garmin, like a track that showed me going the wrong side of a lighthouse in Croatia. I would have expected them to have applied the WPS84 correction to the chart data before they sold the digital version but they hadn't. (I knew I was the right side of the lighthouse as it was broad daylight, the boat was still floating, and the lighthouse was on the mainland!).

Basically know the limitations of digital navigation and it is a great help, but always bear the limitations in mind and don't treat it as infalible.

Happy ventures onto the salty stuff!


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That is one good thing with the Imray digital charts, Martin, that they regularly release the correction updates to download onto the software at the same time the mariners notices are published. The electronic charts themselves don't get altered, but little warnings appear at the correct locations just as if they were the paper versions.

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