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Beavers On The Broads


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I have received an email from natural England regarding the illegal release of beavers around the country, any sighting (Better with a picture) can be sent to me or directly to Natural England. I know I am setting myself up for a lot of risqué comments to!



  • BEAVERS -  Natural England would like any beaver sightings reported to them . Beavers are being released by unknown persons, particularly in numbers across the South West and South East. There is a potential that whoever is doing this will travel to Norfolk to release more breeding pairs. NE believe they know who is doing this and would appreciate any sightings to be reported directly to them.

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Natural England now what is that exactly... I know it's a quango but "Natural England"..... Kind of a contradiction in terms.


What they should be called is "England the way a bunch of unelected numpties want to keep it". These are the folks responsible alongside the EU and the Rivers Authority for the debacle that was the Sommerset levels. They are also on record as suggesting its perfectly OK to let East Norfolk catastophically flood as its natural. Ya don't say.....Maybe they should try selling that one to the Dutch... Nope didn't think so.... 

As you can gather I am not a fan of "Natural England" and its political goals and agendas. Let's say you saw a Beaver but it was in the middle of a nest of great crested Newts. I'm quite sure the associated risk assessment would take an age. 


To return to the more lighthearted theme so far. I see nothing wrong with seeing beavers fuzzy or otherwise whilst boating. The boat name Moist Beaver II always raises a smile. I will make sure to send them a picture next time I see it. (of the boat you bunch of pervs)

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I have to confess in my later teenage years into my early twenties, whilst afloat holidaying on the Broads, (Late 70's through to early eighties)  I did in fact have contact with quite a few Beavers.  :blush:

Sadly nowadays they are a rare sighting :?  But Wildfuzz - I'll be sure to report any sighting I come across :norty: as requested


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You only have to visit parts of the USA to see the huge amount of damage wreaked by beavers. They operate by damming rivers, which raises the water table, killing trees, which they then use either as food or to build bigger dams, leaving a  watery wasteland populated by dead tree-stumps.  You would have to be barking mad to release these little horrors on the Broads.

 Rant over. 

Hard to see from the photo, but presumably a Brazilian beaver has a little strip of fur up the front.



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