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The Lord Nelson - Reedham

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So,  a couple of weekends ago whilst out and about on the rivers we visited reedham.  The Lord Nelson was open for what seemed like the first time in a age in glorious sunshine.  We just had to go in for a look-see.  What a lovely welcoming surprise it was too.  They really have done a proper job, none of your chrome and plastic here, although all is apparently new, fresh, clean and bright they have retained that traditional old pub feel.  They have not just 'Made Do' either, this is more than just papering over the cracks.  Presently they have no operational menu but that is their next priority to get kitchen staff up and running.  There ain't a dartboard up at present but they stated there soon will be.  The pub is dog friendly too so that's a welcome tick in the box.  This will now be once again a regular visit for our annual 'Lads Week' when we do the Yare transit.  Overall the place gets a big thumbs up from me - Recommended



#01 - The Bar.     #02 - TV Area.    #03 - Sit Down


LN #01.JPG

LN #02.JPG

LN #03.JPG

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The young couple that are charged with running the place (Most couples seem young to me nowadays) is Jamie and Izzy.  Jamie is the manager whilst Izzy is the managers boss of course as is always the way.  They seem very nice and keen to do well


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I saw BA pulling into Reedham, I think it was Sunday the week before last.

We couldn't get into Reedham when passing on our last trip but will definitely be visiting the Lord Nelson as soon as possible. Looks good.

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1 hour ago, BroadAmbition said:

Presently they have no operational menu but that is their next priority to get kitchen staff up and running. 

That's been the story for nearly (maybe over, I can't remember when it opened) a year now, I've heard about 3 different excuses for it not yet happening so I'm starting to think the guy's a bit of a plonker seeing as there is a big cafe sign outside.

We've been in a few times thinking of eating and ended up back in the ship all night, our nights bill is rarely much below £80-100 so how many others have done the same? (I know we drink too much)

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I'm not calling the manager a plonker as he can only do as he's told to some extent, I think it was the owner/leaseholder that was in there last time I got the excuses, it seemed food was coming very soon each time and never happened.

How long has Jamie been managing it?

We walked past last year and it was empty but open and went to the ship, they were surprised it was open as it had just had it's winter closing party the weekend before, no wonder it was empty if the locals thought it was shut????

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Hi All;  I'm a stranger here, so thanks for reading, but know that the pub was owned by members of my family back in the 19th century and possibly up to the early 20th, ( tho I might be confusing the latter with a different Reedham pub ). 

So; I was wondering whether anyone had any historical information on the Nelson, going back any further?  Or I anything to do with the Goffen family.  They lived in Reedham until about the second world war and were a presence there for at least a couple of hundred years. 

Thanks again for reading, as I know that this is a little left field for the forum.

Al Goffen

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