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Question For Broom Hirers.


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How good is brooms handover and do they mention the mudweight?

Twice in the last few weeks we have stopped at surlingham ferryhouse when they have just changed over and mentioned to a hire broom that will need to put the mudweight out while stern moored, on both occasions the reply has been "what is a mudweight?" followed by "I don't know if we have one", this is not a slur on the hirers as if you are not told you won't know but it's a bit worrying if broom are not telling people about one of the most important bits of kit for a hireboat for broads use.

First time I described where it was likely to be and they found it ok, second time I had to go up front and find it for them, both were grateful for the info and quick rundown on what it's for.

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Have hired twice in the last five years with Brooms , as they knew we had been hiring for 20+ years the handover was at the best minimal .

our friends had their first ever hire last year on a Broom Captain and Mike is the type that asks numerous questions often ones that the answer is tbh obvious, he was on the river 30mins after arriving at the boat yard so I would presume the handover is not comprehensive 


editted to add that kate and I were shown the dash controls for the mudweight (according to Kate and she NEVER forgets )

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I've never hired from Broom but I've never heard the mudweight mentioned on a handover. You make a reasonable point Dilligaf but unfortunately I doubt whether many handovers are sufficiently detailed to cover things like when mudweights are required and when not. 

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Last week at Bramerton a Broom Captain came in just in front of us about 9pm but didn't turn their engine off. As we were going to bed about 11pm I went and knocked on the window to ask them to turn it off but they had gone to bed, so I carried on knocking and after a while they got up not happy i told them I don't want their boat fumes in our bedroom all night so turn it off which they did till 4am, I tried to  ask them to turn it off but was ignored  they were in bed!   Why Why do you need your engine on all night (it was a warm night) so an early morning cruise was in order.  Good hand over I don't think!





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Both brooms in question just had a mudweight in a bow locker on a rope, no windlass system which surprised me for such a new build but I guess they want to be able to sell on at some point and a mudweight shaped hole and windlass(as richos are) limits it to broads use only, they look like the right engine would make them a good sea boat.

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 The hand over we had was one of the best but we did inform them we own a boat and had extensive experience of the broads. We don't need to hang around for a show and tell.

We hired Bolero which had a mud-weight on a rope that indeed surprised me but it's no problem as I need the exercise.

I think people don't research enough or understand the power of modern electronics, twin 160amp gel batteries, separate engine start battery,  inverter efficiency and the power of two 60amp alternators, smart chargers and  power saving of LED lamps.

We had everything on, including heating over night and the battery bank  only showed quarter discharged which was replaced after a four hour cruise.

But then coming from our sailing boat out in the Medway, you sort of become an electric anorak!


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