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Licence Renewal

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Am I missing something here or what?  Last night I remembered to renew my annual fishing licence on line.  A few things have changed, one for the better is now when you renew it is valid for a full year not expiring March like it used to do.  It has gone up from £27 to £30 - No problem with that since it is the first rise in ten years (Ba - are you taking note?)

Now as far as I can recall a course fishing licence entitled you to the use of three rods per licence, kinda handy for pike fisherman, kinda handy for me sometimes too.  So I ticked all the buttons and was somewhat gobsmacked to see the price I had to pay was £45 not £30!  What's going on here then? a bit of on-line investigation work ensued. I now know that the £30 is indeed correct but now only for two rods not three as it used to be.  If you want to go for a three rod licence it is now £45 instead of £27 as it used to be - Wow!  That's some increase. Needless to say I opted for the two rod licence


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Hi Griff,

The "old" licence was for two rods. If you were fishing with 3 rods you should have bought a second licence which would have allowed you to use up to 4 rods if you wanted to.

I am guessing that you never got asked to show your licence/s when using 3 rods.


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Yes, indeed the old license was for two rods, although you could use a target or spod rod in addition as long as it did not have a hook attached to the line. If you were using three rods you did have to buy a second license. Like many others, I found more than one rod, particularly for carp quite awkward. Mind, my favourite method for carp was off the top using a candle. But after a while, I found carping exceedingly tedious. I much prefer to target tench or indeed specimen roach.

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