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ford diesel engine 6 cyl help

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hiya folks

i have a birchwood 33 with 2 diesel ford 2700 straight 6 engines

one works fine good as gold

the other i am having problems with

when i bought the boat the engines weren't connected

no exhausts, fuel lines, electrics, starter etc was connected

not even the morse cables

so goodchilds connected most stuff for me and got 1 engine running

cost me loadsa money but it ran

anyway i'm trying to sort the other one out

i have done all the fuel lines and spent all day bleeding the thing

pumped diesel up to the fuel pump body thingy

and then cracked each injector in turn

and used the starter motor to try to force the fuel through

i started at the back as it was easy to get to

after i done 6, 5, 4 it ran

not sure if that the right number but the back 3 anyway lol sorry

anyway it ran the throttle was fully open and once it was running for a few seconds it went mad

revved its guts out i tried to ease the throttle back but no change just kept screaming at me

i pulled the stop out and it kept revving

eventually after a mad few minutes it died

now it won't start at all again i think i may have to bleed it all again

hope that makes sense

but basically i don't know alot about engines full stop especially a diesel

but my 1st thought was injector pump faulty

but it could be timing not set up as well

any thoughts please

as i said i don't know any condition of the engines as the whole boat has been a pain since we bought it

a right bog job by the previous owner

so i'm not sure what has been done before i owned it

i'm based down waveney river cnt if anyone fancies having a look at it

thanks steve

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You say despite throttle position it still revved it’s nuts off eh! To do that it must be getting more fuel than the throttle setting would normally give it. So it’s either the I.P. itself or possibly the pump is not responding to the throttle setting through jammed or broken components up to and including the main spindle lever. Possible inlet manifold air leak could give similar symptoms but the fact that even pulling the stop (that should instantly cut the fuel) didn’t shut the beast down points to the pump. I hate to add more woes but over revving cold with no load for any length of time may have damaged other bits so be vigilant for unusual noises and keep an eye on the instruments when you do get it going again.

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mmmmm instruments there isn't any of them at the minute

apart from an amps gauge

thats something else i need to sort out for both engines

as i said there was nothing when i bought the boat :Stinky

i did think injector pump faulty but as i'm not a mechanic it is only a guess

i think i could do with a friendly man who knows diesel engines to come and have a look for me

any offers?????????? :bow

i'll even say please lol

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I'm not saying it is definateley that! It maybe a problem with the injector pump as David has pointed out, but it is another possibility sadly.

As a matter of interest, have you just changed the oil in this engine? As when I used to do oil changes on 1.9 Peugot diesels, sometimes the refilling of the engine oil would lead to a small amount of oil getting into a breather pipe on the filler neck, this would sometimes result in the engine having a good rev to itself untill the oil had been exhausted.

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just a guess steve but the engine wasent running backwards was it as a diesel can do sometimes on a 2 engine boat the drive on both engines are usually opposite direction this can be done via a hydraulic gearbox but some engines are designed to run in the opposite direction

John at Maffett Cruisers has this set up on his own boat with twin perkins engines might be worth having a word with him

as an emergency stop you need to block the inlet with rags keep your hands clear as you wont get them off the manifold and serious injery wil occur

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It would also be worth checking the oil is not overfilled, I had this problem on a breakdown, I went to start the engine and it revved uncontrollably and chucked a load of oil out of the exhaust. I thought the thing had blown up but after working out what had happened I pumped the oil out to the correct level ( into the spare oil can :roll: ) and started the engine which ran fine.

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its still drawing air in from somewhere

so i've got to find out where first

also there's no rocker cover gasket i discovered yesterday

while trying to bleed it i noticed smoke coming from where the gasket should be and it looks like there nothing there

that wouldn't do it a lot of good when i do finally get it started

trouble is its such and old engine i think i'm going to struggle to find one

does asap do a roll of cork gasket

its a big ford 2700 6 cyl if anyone knows of where i can get one from?

i'm going to have to crack every joint and reseal it again

strange because they all look solid enough but i know with diesel its only got to be a tiny hole

a friend had a look yesterday and said he thinks the injector pump has been replaced

as the other engine its been painted green but this one is still metal

so i wonder what has happened and whether its been set up at all

the throttle doesn't feel the same on that side as the other

it feels as though the 1st half is dead and just connects right at the end

both sides were put together by goodchilds so i'm hoping it is set up right

i could really do with someone who knows these engines

as i'm sure they'd look at it and say o its only this

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  • 1 month later...

well a small update to my engine problems

fuel injector pump is the problem definitely

i rung a friend and he suggested colchester fuel

really helpful ppl there i will say and i explained what was happening and he said

a really common fault on them pumps, the springs corrode and snap

and hey presto exactly my symptoms

only cure a complete rebuild unfortunately

they wouldn't say how much because he said it could just be new springs or it could be a lot more

but they did say time the engine to no1 first that way its easier to replace

so at some point i'm gonna have to time the engine and take it off and have a run out to colchester a few times

i'll have fun trying to do that the engine is really big and hard to get to as usual

it couldn't be the other one i can get at that lovely

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I know you might not want to hear this, but I would strongly reccomend that you get the govenor spring checked on the other pump as well ! My friend has just had the same problem, had the other pump checked and the spring was on its last legs.

Also dont forget to fill the pump with oil (engine oil) after fitting ! Bye the Bye air leaks on diesels are a swine to find as they can leak air in without leaking fuel out !

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